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I was told about this Doc and it took me a while to get the guts up to watch this. There are a few images that I will never be able to get out of my head. This is a devastating problem. I am very disappointed in the Costa Rican Government. They have been known for their great conservation efforts in their country. What I want to know is after the release of this doc what has been done to help this mass murder of pretty much everything in our oceans. I believe my fear of sharks is gone. Thanks you for this compelling doc, I cried more than I ever have over a doc.
- Kelli S.

Rob Stewart is my hero! I love him for everything he did for the sharks! Sharks have always been my favorite animal, and will be for as long as I live! I even plan to study Great Whites in South Africa, when I\ m old enough. This documentary was absolutely fantastic, and I am trying my hardest to get my friends to watch it too! I\ m even trying to get my whole school to watch it! Thanks Rob and Paul Watson for everthing you are doing for the whales, sharks, dolphins, seals... etc. Viva La Sharks! Viva La Sea Shepherd! Viva La Earth!
- Maddie

Le film est fabuleux et la cause est noble... Merci de nous ouvrir les yeux et nous permettre de comprendre les enjeux...
- Abder

This movie is amazing!!!thanks for the effort for saving sharks!! I wish I could do more... I\ m from Costa Rica and I\ m so afraid of this situation in my country...
- Naty

This movie has left a mark! I cried the whole time and still mourn for what is going on in our world and how corrupt and unaware human beings are. We are destroying our world and ultimately, ourselves. We are consuming the next generation\ s and our own hope of survival. I have always loved sharks and this movie gives me hope... a difference can be made!!! Thank you Rob and thanks to everyone who is helping. We should all join this cause. We must do something to make a difference... each person counts!!!
- Andrea Borrero Angel (Colombia, South America)

This movie taught me alot about sharks and how they aren\ t dangerous. I liked it so much i am going to write a speech about saving sharks!
- Garnet

I believe everyone needs to watch this movie. It is the best Documentary to ever come to the big screen. Keep fighting for the sharks. I am on the sharks side.
- Dion

Sharkwater is an amzing documentry. I was scared of sharks before i watched it and now i;m going swimming with them at Seaworld. The footage is amazing!! I love it!! Sharks are such beautiful aminals, thanks for showing that to the world. Save the Sharks!!
- ash

It makes me sick to see greed that could cause an animals to become extinct. The problem like Drugs, as long as there is a need, there will be a supply. The Taiwanese and Chinese people seem to have very little respect ecosystems of the ocean, and only seem to want gratify their EGOS. I also live in Costa Rica and believe the Costa Rican Government should be ashamed of itself acting like a cheap prostitute. By taking money from the Chinese and Taiwanese Governments and looking the other way. People Need To Know!
- Gregorio