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I just wanted to say thanks... Every person in this planet should at least watch Sharkwater
- Britín

!!!!!!!!!!SAVE OUR SHARKS !!!!!!!!!! :} THEY are amazing animals and dont deserve to be treated the way they are x
- jadie

i also watched this documetry in class as it was shark week at my school, at first i was like oh god not sharks but by the end of the week i was like \"omg\" its such a shame what happens to them more people need to help save sharks. Its also scary to think that no sharks means no humans. This film is an inspiration and i feel it should be shown all around the world in school, colleges etc.
- jayden

i am in grade 6 and watch sharkwater in my class i never new that all this was happening it in canada or anywhere.I feel like some one can be shalfing them but instad are killing sharks! it terrible to now that people now what there doing and they still kill sharks! now from what i\ v seen will cage my life for good. When i grow up i all ways wantede to be a cope and i still will but i will be one of them trying and fitying to save amazing to now that i can help by: sarah
- Sarah Nation

i saw the movie in class and it was pretty sad,ill be sure to tell more friends and family.
- Harsh

Thank you Rob for this magnificent documentary ; I hope it will open eyes to the world of what is happening about sharks and the challenge that goes with it.
- Stephane R.

Human ignorance in the shark fishing industry is totally visable! save the sharks yes but we must also save everything in the ocean as well . great job.

i just saw this movie and i came here to encourage all the work they done to do this movie and all the risks they took so ill tell about it at school to friends and teachers.... i hope that this movie will make a difference
- christophe

Phenomenal! Makes me more then ever want to go swim with sharks... For me, the Chinese wedding where the lady refused to serve shark fin to 400 guests was proof we can all make a difference in our own way. That lady summed it up when she said \"Its like someone cutting off my ear because they decide it tastes nice, then throwing my body aside just to die...\"
- Dean Donaldson

i am a teenager i go to tps in petersfield uk and i watched the film it is amazing yet the thing that makes me upset is that people kill sharks for the fin then leave the body just for shark fin soup it is so upsetting to watch when they do it!! it is so great to know that people would like to stop shark finning and sharkwater is the best way of stopping it and supporting sharks.. :) SAVE OUR SHARKS .. they are beautifull !.. :)
- Ashleigh Griffin