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Demand for shark fins needs to be decreased. The Chinese culture needs to wake up and realize that eating fins does not provide greater chance for cancer-free existence. But these are also the people that use melamine in foods and packaging... Great film, great education and great eye-opener for the world. Now let\ s do something about it.
- Roza

Fight the century of greed! We\ re the customers - we have the power. If we don\ t buy - there\ s no market for nothing. There\ s only a few things to do: to KNOW things, to UNDERSTAND facts, to REACT. Then, the big moneylovers become fishfeed... In the row of wars - for oil; for energy; for weapons; for religion; for patriarchy, the war against animals is the most sickening! There\ s vomit on our species, but we close our eyes and use perfume to forget... This is to all the activists out there: I\ m sitting here in my comfy armchair in the autumn of Berlin/Germany and I promise to support you with my little money as good as I can! TAKE CARE OF U AND THANK U ALL.
- Humphy

This documentry had me captivated before the end of the opening credits!! Outstanding! We need to do all we can to try more to understand this animal, than to destroy it. What is happening to them is wrong, and it must be stopped.
- Megan

I am glad a documntry such as this has come forward to educate us and let us know that if we do not do something to stop these atrocities.....when the sharks are all gone Man will find something else to has to STOP NOW!!!!
- Michelle

fabulous..make you want to cry to think people are killing poor sharks for money.. why don't we stop it.. now...everyone help..please

I\ m only a teenager, and I\ ve always loved sharks, but ever since I\ ve seen this documentary, I\ ve become a really fanatic. i watched this movie in school! Rob Stewart is my hero!!! :) SOS! Save Our Sharks!
- Marlah

Da Film iiz So Sad!!!! =(
- Marlah

I watched this movie and was horrified about people killing sharks for money. That isn\ t what sharks were for. I\ m only 12 but I hope that i can help some sharks live and not die for shark finning.

Thank-you so much for putting this movie out there for the people to actually see what is happening to the sharks that we as humans really need. It\ s great to see that there ARE people out there who care, but we can\ t do it on our own everyone needs to help. Thanks so much.

Very much needed movie.
- Marty Meszaros