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fabulous..make you want to cry to think people are killing poor sharks for money.. why don't we stop it.. now...everyone help..please

I\ m only a teenager, and I\ ve always loved sharks, but ever since I\ ve seen this documentary, I\ ve become a really fanatic. i watched this movie in school! Rob Stewart is my hero!!! :) SOS! Save Our Sharks!
- Marlah

Da Film iiz So Sad!!!! =(
- Marlah

I watched this movie and was horrified about people killing sharks for money. That isn\ t what sharks were for. I\ m only 12 but I hope that i can help some sharks live and not die for shark finning.

Thank-you so much for putting this movie out there for the people to actually see what is happening to the sharks that we as humans really need. It\ s great to see that there ARE people out there who care, but we can\ t do it on our own everyone needs to help. Thanks so much.

Very much needed movie.
- Marty Meszaros

great movie

nice movie

I was crying. It was a amazing movie but it made me feel hollow inside. how can we just sit a hope that it\ ll go away we have to do what Rob Stewart does... DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT!
- jenna L. Brown (Jenergy)

we need to wake up !!!!!!
- Vaggeli