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This movie was the best that I have ever seen. I was always taught that sharks were predators, now im learning that they are prey in reality. I love any and every kind of animal, and i was absolutely go to extremees to stop this madness. This is downright inhumane and wrong. Me and my classmates have to write a business letter to the President of the United States to encourage him too stop this. At first the teacher said it wasnt going to be real, but then with a little though, he changed his mind and said we could actually send them to the President or someone in Congress. So, im trieng everything i can to stop this.
- Katie

I only seen maybe the last half of the film but it amazes me how much power money has and the lengths people will go to make money, even if that means destroying nature or animals. Its very sad to see how the human race feel they have domination over the place we live in. We humans share the rest of the world with nature and animals and need to work with them, not against them, if humans keep up this nasty habit WE are the ones who will pay for it at the end!
- Krystle Zalamea

i think its stupid that their cutting off fins.. their living breathing things leave them alone..
- kassie

This is a great movie, its very touching and really makes you think, my science class watched it and it was so sad . it really wants to make me do something about it
- Dana

i had the opportunity to get involved with a shark study last year, while trying to find more info on sharks i got to veiw the film, amazing!!!! keep up the excellent work!
- dave (the wildman) mackay

I thought the movie was very impowering and really tought my classmates and I the importance of not only sharks but other animals that make the world more interesting. The movie also gave me the power and ability to make a diffrence and help.
- gabriella

i almost cird seeing their fins being cut off!
- shealin

love this movie, i want to be a bioligist, for sharks. i hope people start to relizie how amazing and wonderfull they are.i think this movie will HELP!
- shealin

We live in an ignorant world and we need more awareness. I cannot believe we are letting this happen to our eco-system. I wonder how someone would feel if their limbs were cut off and they were left to die and suffer. I have lost ALL faith in humanity. We need to perserve the beauty.
- Jay

i saw the documentary and i almost cried. it was passionate and educational. i want to volunteer my services when i can to help out. and people can say what they want about paul watson but he is the guy we need to fight this. he doesn\ t care what people say about him and will do anything to help the situation. keep it up Paul and you too Rob!!!!!
- David M