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I think that the film is very important because it shows people what we are doing to our world.
- Kyle Richards

I cried out loud, I shouted out loud, and I am still so angry that this happening. The human race is so iggnorant that we can\ t even see what we are doing to our own planet and what we are taking away from our future generations. This film was most inspiring and made me realize that we will one day wipe ourselves out if we don\ t make a change. By spreading the word and seeing Rob Stewarts work, should all make us want to do more to save sharks and the ocean. We need them mor ethan ever right now. Rob thank you for your work and the amount of passion that you put into it, you are one human that is making a difference, I will help by spreading the word. Thank you!
- Melissia

Loving the water, but being afraid of what lay below, I thought maybe this movie would help me realize sharks were not ment to hurt me. Now when I go swimming and I see a shark, it will be like i have seen one of mother natures finest creations.
- Taylor

I have always loved to swim, but i was always afriad of what lay below. Now when i see a shark, Im seeing a beautiful, marvelous creature,and should be prod that i could see such a rare animal (hopefull not for long). I am noe aspiring to become a marine biologist and change the world for the better. THANK YOU.
- Taylor ,14

Wow.... wow. This documentary is amazing. Horrible and disturbing at times to watch, it brings to light the senseless slaughter of an animal that is severely misunderstood. An animal that we need to survive. It\ s staggering to me that, as smart as we think we are, we\ re killing our world and ourselves slowly. This movie needs to be seen by everyone.
- Shane

How can anyone not be moved to do something to try and protect these majestic, beautiful and integral creatures. Where has \"our\" empathy, compassion and understanding of this beautiful planet, that we are privlidged to be a part off, gone to?
- Jonathan Startup

Very inspiring movie. It brought a new perspective of sharks, the ocean and even life to me. As film makers you should be very proud of your accomplishments not only in making a great movie but also making a movie that will inspire others to its cause!
- Dean

the best documentarie I have seen. it was so moving. i feel like doing somthing right know
- brandon

This documentary is realistic in how it shows what is really happening out there, unlike other documentary\ s that show how sharks have evolved, and almost glamorises their lives, when really, their lives are the opposite, they are getting tortured, finned then thrown back in alive to have a slow death. Rossi Thomas
- Rossi Thomas

Wow this movie really opened up my eyes on sharks and how they are tortured and killed everyday. They are innocent creatures and we are dependant on them for our own survival, they are wonderful animals and since this movie I have found sharks quite amazing
- Landon