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I watched this movie and was horrified about people killing sharks for money. That isn\ t what sharks were for. I\ m only 12 but I hope that i can help some sharks live and not die for shark finning.

Thank-you so much for putting this movie out there for the people to actually see what is happening to the sharks that we as humans really need. It\ s great to see that there ARE people out there who care, but we can\ t do it on our own everyone needs to help. Thanks so much.

Very much needed movie.
- Marty Meszaros

great movie

nice movie

I was crying. It was a amazing movie but it made me feel hollow inside. how can we just sit a hope that it\ ll go away we have to do what Rob Stewart does... DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT!
- jenna L. Brown (Jenergy)

we need to wake up !!!!!!
- Vaggeli

We watched Sharkwater in my English 1100 class at Kwantlen University. I was touched. I went home and watched it again, and again, and again. When i brought it up with my friends, family and coworkers they thought i was crazy. There is an election this year in Canada. I\ ve made it very important to ask everyone of the MLAs what they think about Shark Finning. None of the MLAs running in my riding know about Shark Finning. If 100 million sharks a year are being killed why doesn\ t Canada do something about it? Why don\ t more people know? Hopefully Rob Stewart\ s movie will change that! It\ s an amazing film and a Christmas present i will be giving to everyone i know!
- Jacqueline Mattka

I love scuba diving, and on one of my dives was fortunate enough to see a 3 meter bull shark on a night dive in Cuba, i just finished watching Sharkwater, and I am apauled by what is happening to the sharks. I have and will spred the news on what is happening. and I hope my friends do the same. This has to change. Great job on this documentary. Let\ s all try to help in any way we can. Yvonne
- Yvonne

I\ m a devoted animal-friend that canšt stand the pain the humans are doing to the animals in the world, and in this case as the movie showed, sharks, whales and seales. How can the mhumnas think that they \"own\" the earth and are allowed to controll everything in it, how many sharks that there should be, etc I sincearley hope that someday, the people whom controll and do the harm to the sharks will understand what they are doing instead of being greed.
- matthew