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Absolutely stunning and inspiring on so many different levels. I am a different man after watching this (5 times!). And I am on a mission to do my part. Thanks Rob! This is a masterpiece for the ages and may very well be what will turn things around. I don\ t care if this sounds cliche: Save the sharks!
- Chris Malendoski U.S.A.

it was great, finaly someone is trying to make a difference! I also love sharks and i love what you are doing.
- natalie gannon

I\ ve always love sharks, when 4 year old girls favored kittens and puppies, my favorite was always the great white shark. I never knew about all the horible things that were happening to sharks everywhere. This movie opened my eyes, and I am now and forever deticated to making a difference. Thank You.
- Kelsey Scarfone

great movie, im really touched and it made me realize many things about the greed and vile of mankind. we need to educate the younger generation about this event, that is the only way to stop it... if its not too late.
- gaudi

when i saw this movie, and i feel fear not about shark but about human. thanks for our great movie and excuse my english.
- Mathieu (France)

This movie made me sad and mad at the same time. Very important film, telling all about this film.
- Roberto

i thougt the film and footage was awesome and it opened my eyes to a serious problem. i pushing the movie on everyone i know.
- cameron wallen

I have to say this is the greatest birthday present I have ever been given. What a powerful movie Rob has put together. I am an 8th grade science teacher in the gulf coast region of Texas and you better believe that my students will be watching this movie to help them see what is going on outside the bubble they live in. Rob demonstrates the never ending passion and determination to reach his goals, if only we all had his nerve. Thanks again for a wonderful documentary
- Kathy

I consider Rob Stewart to be a hero, right up there with Nelson Mandela and others. His daring brave documentary has deeply moved me and others i know. Great movie. It should be mass shown in schools and universities around the world to show people the harm we are doing to these wonderful creatures. Ok maybe its a bit to grahical for schools, but i definatly think this film should be mass screened. Good work on the movie. Great music and imagery.
- Kuba

If people wouln\ t eat shark fins it wouldn¨t be a market for how to work against the market is to get the knowledge out like this DVD people get there eyes open to see that we need to protect the sharks for coming generations.
- Anders