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I just want to extend thanks to Rob for having the courage to tell this story. I have always had an intense fear of sharks (completely unfounded)and this movie opened my eyes to the plight of sharks and their role in our world. I was horrified and terribly saddened by the ruthless treatment and killing of these beautiful and elegant creatures. I felt ashamed to be associated with the human race, how can we be so destructive? I hope that this movie speaks to others and moves them as it has me....and that the world will come together to afford protection to these animals before it is too late. Way to go Rob, thank you!
- Dawn

I share the sentiments of so many people who have signed these pages. The film has left me feeling very saddened that this happens in our world and that somehow it has been allowed to continue. The film has deeply effected me but thank you so much for opening my eyes to this devestating reality. Let love fill our hearts, not greed and money. We can all live on this planet in such harmony, so why dont we
- Myles

Humans are looking for dinosaur fosil and killing sharks, thats messed up. Its sad to see these perfect creatures beeing slaughtered, without boats and equipment this would never be possible. Great job with the movie though, thumbs up for you guys.
- R

thanks for this documentary. I love sharks , but I didn\ t know what the human being does to this beautiful animal. Where are all concern!!
- cynthia

look i dont no if any one will read this but i saw a documentery on sharkwater and it changed my life and im so glad it did , maby now i can help make a diff with every one else , thank you
- vincent cox

What a truly awe inspiring movie. I was totally moved but angered at how man can do this to harmless creatures for a bowl of tasteless soup. The governments of the world should stand up to the slaughter and protect our last few remaining sharks out there. I would recommend that every human being possible watch this movie. I can\ t believe how money corrupts many people who don\ t give a second thought to the consequences. We Need To Do More To Stop The Extinction of One of The Oldest Surviving creatures of our Planet. PLEASE WATCH AND TAKE ACTION!!!
- Richard

This is a story that needed to be told!! Thank you Rob!
- Delia

Amazing film, I almost cried but I seldom cry so yeah, I also couldn\ t finish watching it because we had to go home, so I only watched half, btu I bet if I watched the whole thing, I would cry. I now officially hate sharks fin soup. Once again, amazing film.

fantastic move!!! it has left me feeling so sad and so so so mad!! I cannot believe that there are millions of sharks slaughtered just so some rich C*!T\ s can have some soup!! i only hope they dont know what they are causing, if they do know we should rip there arms and legg\ s off and through them in the ocean. i have dived with many sharks (in a tank :-)..) and i loved it, they are amazing animals and should be protected
- Trevor Donovan

A truly moving documentary... this is as good as any movie/documentary can get. 6 out of 5 stars
- lisa