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slaughter of the innocence

Too much gore
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just finished watching the movie i was sickeend by what i saw we need too smarten up or our children have no future nick: when i haerd i was completly devestated about what was going on there. i will try to get people to see what has bin going on with thease beutiful creatures im going to show my class when i can and i will try to make a social club to save the sharks i will do anything to do it
- michelle and nick

Eh! This was a truly inspiring movie, before i wasnt the greatest fan of sharks, but now i admire them ! I never knew how cruel people were treating these animals! :( It really upsets me! My friends and i our going to do some fundraising to help save the sharks!
- Erin

My school watched this doc and we were inspired to create a club that would save sharks and other endangered species. Thank you so much for all you do.
- Hazel

I m a senior of Chinese origin. In my life,I ve eaten umpteen bowls of sharksfin soup without ever wondering how or where they came from, to my greatest regrets now. Now I will never order one and will protest to any invitations to any banquet or dinner parties with sharkfins on the menu. In fact, every time I think of the images of those mass cruel practice of sharkfinning, I can t help start sobbing. Yes, to show this film in China, especially to youths and children is essential, and I already contributed my financial support for this. I also urged all my Chinese contacts on my email list to see this film.
- So sorry

A truly spectacular film! I hope that this will open the eyes of people all over the world to help your cause. Best of luck to you! Thank you.
- Ariel

It s one of a kind movie that need to be watched! Such an inspirational film about an animal I respect so much. Even if I m living in the mountains where most of the water is frozen.:) I remember when I was a little kid and my family and I used to go to exotic places for diving, I was the kid who was standing in front of the restaurants telling the people not to order shark... Rob Stewart, I really admire your work and everything you have done so far for saving the sharks! Thank you for such an outstanding and inspiring documentary!
- Kevin L.

Brillant film. Great footage. Awesome soundtrack. I am glad that someone is doing something to help sharks and I am disgusted that governments are doing nothing. I have always liked sharks and will continue to protect them. Thank you for a superb film and for having the guts to make a stand.
- Kevin J. Murphy

Okay so I watched this film so long ago and did a project on shark finning before the movie was realesed. I m now only 16, but I still have a love for this movie and the actions put towards stopping this. Rob Stewart, you re my hero. Thank you for all you ve done.
- Kaitlin Jones