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Such an eye opening expereince, this movie plainly tells the facts that saving sharks is about saving ourselves. Surely we as a speices must comprehend that to save ourselves we must first save the sharks.
- John

I love sharks :] I\ m 15. I want to become a Marine Biologist, I\ ve always Loved the ocean and everything in it ever since I could remember. This movie made me cry, to see people hate sharks so much it sickens me. This is the movie I\ ve been waiting for so I could tell people, my friends and family so they can watch it and change their minds about sharks that their not evil. Peace out.
- Danielle Cheri Loyer

It was the best movie I seen in years
- Cody Murphy

Great job, Rob! Since I\ m a young one I\ m fascinated by sharks though (or because) I have a deep fear (which came from watching Jaws at the age of 4). This movie really helped me again to twist the image in my head. I\ ll try my best to support your movie and get Chinese Restaurants with shark fin soup on the radar! And if you ever want to make a movie again (and I think you should), I\ m your long-term intern! macerikson[at]
- Magnus [Germany]

I am fourteen years old and i wish right now that i am able to join your crew.If there is one thing in thi world that i dont not understand is that if these people realize what there doing is wrong, why dont they have the knowledge to stop, how can they be so greedy by thinking of the money before an inicent creatures life. You did a great job and keep up the good work.
- Tyler Annand

I think the international public should stand together to boycott goods being sold from countries who are eating shark fins. Theres nothing like not buying something imported \"Made in China\" to financially & economically devastate the economies supporting the purchase of fin industry. Without money they loose the market

wow ! as far as i remember i was always afraid of sharks. i hardly went into the ocean because i thought sharks would come and bite me. we watched sharkwater in school and i swear i almost cried. it was so touching. i think i have never seen a documentary like this one !!! thank u very much !!!
- Sarah, 14

I can\ t believe it,you touched a Shark.
- Adams

What an eye opener!
- Ron Geerts

Thank you for this documentary. It touched me and I will now do my best to inform my friends of this terrible practice and try to influence my politicians to eradicate the import and export of shark fins. Thank you for this!
- Kevin