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an absolutely wonderful film that had me in tears for the whole thing. I cant believe this is happening and that were letting it happen in this day and age when were so worried about the environment and every other animal except for these amazing creatures that we wont be able to live without. This is such an inspirational movie and i will spread the word and i cant wait to go and swim with these magical creatures of the ocean. Rob Stewart this is amazing thankyou so much for making this film.
- sophie

- Emina (Denmark)

Absolutely fantastic film! I too am fascinated by sharks and am an avid scuba diver. The first time I saw a shark whilst diving I was mesmorised - what a beautiful, awesome creature that commands respect! I had heard about the sharkfin trade but had no idea of just how serious a problem it was across the world. This movie has to be promoted and seen worldwide by all responsible governments! - it is absolutely disgusting what is happening to sharks across the globe. Rob Stewart, this film is genius!!
- Matt

I watched the film lastnight, I was amazed. Beautiful shots of the sharks and devastating shots of what we do to them for money. Thank you for making this film.
- Jenn

this was an amazing film, but so disheartning to see the truth made me very angry to think that this is alowed to go on legaly, soon we will be killing more humans for money, when will we stop!!!! thanks for getting the cold hard truth out there
- krisandra

These are the kinds of films that should be shown in all schools--to show the truth from the beginning. This movie has changed my life. We cannot continue to destroy our earth and our oceans, and inflict such suffering on its species. I am nowdedicated to helping spread the word!
- Antonia Salm

I have put my review on a local website to share my feeling with my friends and hope more people will join the act. Just love the film.
- .sc.

A truly inspirational documentary on sharks! The word needs to be spread and action taken to protect sharks. I am a teacher and will start getting the word out about sharks to my students this fall!
- Michael Kavur

This movie made me cry. Stunning cinema.
- Erin

We kill Sharks more than the Shark kill us....Stop killing them...
- Sharon