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Thank you so much for such a moving and eye opening film. This is an issue that requires more public attention and an educational yet relevant film was just the way to do it. I plan on starting a charity with my school\ s environmental club, thanks to this movie. I have always loved nature, especially sharks, but this really sparked my interest in pursuing a career involving these and other amazing creatures. Thank you.
- Erika

Having watched Sharkwater I decided to show it to 67 young apprentice divers during the evening of a training course. Whilst watching the documentary with them I realised the impact that Sharkwater had on all of these teenagers. A few tears were shed and a new love was found for something only an hour or so before they feared. With brilliant footage and a truly emotional soundtrack Sharkwater is able to send an important message to those who watch it. Brilliant.
- Dan Stacey

Save thesharks!
- Sharks FTW!

I saw the movie in theatres and it really moved me. I didn\ t know anything about the poaching that goes on and it really makes you think twice when you see a shark fin for sale at the grocery store...I think, like any other living being, sharks should be treated \"humanely\", not just because they are a vital part of the ecosystem (affecting even our own survival) but because they are living creatures who can suffer...haven\ t read the book, I\ d like to read it sometime.
- Marie

I really appreciate for giving me the opportunity to see this movie to know the real situation of sharks and the ocean. So far I have no idea about shark finnings and extinction, but I hope I can do something to improve this situation.
- Tommy

Shark poaching seems like better then trafficking in drugs in some countries,prison free. Far east needs early education on the impact of the future Of their next is discusting that no one wants to deal with this kind of corruption.$$$$$$$
- ralf weyler

The book Sharkwater is one of my favorites! The photography is awesome, and it\ s really informative and inspiring. I haven\ t seen the movie yet, but I REALLY want to see it.
- Rhiana

I found this documentary a wake up call to how severe we have become in terms of treating sharks. I enjoyed this very much; watching it in class really opened everyone\ s eyes. Thank you very much for showing everyone that is more to reality than the drama that occurs in hollywood\ s glamour and beverly hills.

Thank you for showing the world what the truth looks like!! It was a really beautiful and sad movie. We will tell alla of our friends to go see it. Once again, thank you for an eye-opening experience!!
- The Holm family

A must see! Sure, an over used phrase but one that is so perfect for this movie! Spread the word and the effort!
- Alan