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Amazing film, I almost cried but I seldom cry so yeah, I also couldn\ t finish watching it because we had to go home, so I only watched half, btu I bet if I watched the whole thing, I would cry. I now officially hate sharks fin soup. Once again, amazing film.

fantastic move!!! it has left me feeling so sad and so so so mad!! I cannot believe that there are millions of sharks slaughtered just so some rich C*!T\ s can have some soup!! i only hope they dont know what they are causing, if they do know we should rip there arms and legg\ s off and through them in the ocean. i have dived with many sharks (in a tank :-)..) and i loved it, they are amazing animals and should be protected
- Trevor Donovan

A truly moving documentary... this is as good as any movie/documentary can get. 6 out of 5 stars
- lisa

this movie blows. it's terrible, stay away from it!

I am extremely impressed by this movie... sharks is another like man..
- sunny

This film was moving and emotional and depressing and terrifying. It terrifies me that mankind can be so heartless and greedy and short sighted. I saw the film weeks ago and I still can not stop thinking about it. Those amazing creatures that have been on earth since the dawn of time just being slaughtered that way is just as terrible as any genocide. It breaks my heart. It needs to stop before it is too late. As it said in the movie, big changes are made by incredible individuals. Thank you for this film you are one of these individuals.
- Sonya Martineau

The film is absolutely incredible. I am a passionate conservational biologist and I share the same views as Stewart. Sharks are extremely important in the maintainance of foodchains and hence the marine ecosystem. Hopefully this film will inspire many to avoid sharks fin, and perhaps to even make them persuade the government of their countries to ensure that an appropriate ban is placed against the trade of shark\ s fin. Thank you, Rob, for this incredibly inspiring and heart racing film. I love it!!!
- Natalie

an absolutely wonderful film that had me in tears for the whole thing. I cant believe this is happening and that were letting it happen in this day and age when were so worried about the environment and every other animal except for these amazing creatures that we wont be able to live without. This is such an inspirational movie and i will spread the word and i cant wait to go and swim with these magical creatures of the ocean. Rob Stewart this is amazing thankyou so much for making this film.
- sophie

- Emina (Denmark)

Absolutely fantastic film! I too am fascinated by sharks and am an avid scuba diver. The first time I saw a shark whilst diving I was mesmorised - what a beautiful, awesome creature that commands respect! I had heard about the sharkfin trade but had no idea of just how serious a problem it was across the world. This movie has to be promoted and seen worldwide by all responsible governments! - it is absolutely disgusting what is happening to sharks across the globe. Rob Stewart, this film is genius!!
- Matt