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I am a huge fan of Sharkwater. I am a strong believer of saving the sharks. Rob Stewart and the rest of the crew are my idols and are amazing!
- Halie

sharkwater wa a beautiful movie that evoked thoughts of extreem sorrow watching the sharkd slaughtered,and yet there is hope with all of the world hopefully to see.
- mary

I just wish everyone would watch this film and wake up to what is happening. Amazing footage and incredibly moving.
- Chris Bailey

sharkwater was a amazing and touching film all my life i have also loved the ocean and sharks.i knew what fining was but never knew it has gotten this bad. i do not understand why people think it is okay to kill anything that we can just because we can kill them dose not mean we should! it is wrong and u really opend my eyes and shown ,e how bad this has gotten and i some day hope when i grow up to be able to say i helped save the sharks because i love them and i can not bare to see anyone kill another again!! so thatk you for making this movie
- casey

Heres some money. Keep fighting for the good.
- Ro

It was a personal movie, it had many serious errors and the point was the mission. It could have been good if someone would have balanced it out.
- Thor Kidmose

MERCI ! pour ce magnifique film en l\ honneur des requins ! ils ont bien besoin d\ un aussi grand soutien et nous devrions tous agir dans ce sens !
- william

Sharkwater is an amazing movie!!! I am so greatful to have watched it, I know have a whole new perception on Sharks and their importance in our ecosystem. Rob Stewart, it was so great to have to come to UC Santa Barbara and show us your film. You did a great job! Thank you :-)
- Natalie from UCSB

it is so sad to see all these lovely sharks so cruelly killed ,its time we all helped these lovely animals to be allowed to survive in this world without harm keep the good work up welldone
- josie

Surprising,shocking,depressing and inspirational all at the same time.Great photography and I loved the music!!!
- emil