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What an amazing documentary. Everyone should be concerned and respectfull for the place that sharks get in our ecosystem !
- Greg

This movie makes it evident how infinitly cruel en stupid economie is and works. It also puts out a major concern about the fragility of our ecosystem. This sharkkilling must stop inmidiatly! Great and very important movie.
- Ary

Absolutely stunning. The film-making alone is breath-taking, but the subject matter is of such importance that this movie cannot be and must not be ignored. I\ m on board Rob!
- Lora

really nice movie!
- jesper

I am obsessed with sharks, just like Rob Stewart was, and I got this movie for my birthday and i made my friends watch it. I get made fun of because of my choice of favorite animal and this movie changed ALL of my friends minds about sharks. this is my new favorite movie! I LOVE ROB STEWART!
- Jordan Booth

Shark water was a very moving film. I believe everyone should see this. We should all do our part in some way to protect all aspects of our planet. Sharks are beautiful animals, and they certinally deserve protection. This is a must own for any DVD collection. Deserves every award it recieves!
- Kelly Stroyan

The really sad image that I remember the most is the shark that had been de-finned and pathetically falls to the ocean floor and drowns. A very upsetting image that motivated me to support saving the sharks.
- Mark

It\ s the start of a new, respectful way of admiring sharks. Stewart\ s making history and we should thank him for it.morieel

Once again a subject has been brought to my attention that makes me ashamed to be part of the human race. This documentary is not at all what I was expecting and it was incredibly passionate and well done. Like many people, I did not have a particular appreciation for sharks and followed the popular misonceptions, but that is no more. Thank you for such an inspiring film and taking the personal risks to bring this to the public\ s attention.
- Sean Buck

Bravissimo! un film qui rendra les gens moins cons face a ce magnifique Ítre des mers!
- pascal