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Shark water was a very moving film. I believe everyone should see this. We should all do our part in some way to protect all aspects of our planet. Sharks are beautiful animals, and they certinally deserve protection. This is a must own for any DVD collection. Deserves every award it recieves!
- Kelly Stroyan

The really sad image that I remember the most is the shark that had been de-finned and pathetically falls to the ocean floor and drowns. A very upsetting image that motivated me to support saving the sharks.
- Mark

It\ s the start of a new, respectful way of admiring sharks. Stewart\ s making history and we should thank him for it.morieel

Once again a subject has been brought to my attention that makes me ashamed to be part of the human race. This documentary is not at all what I was expecting and it was incredibly passionate and well done. Like many people, I did not have a particular appreciation for sharks and followed the popular misonceptions, but that is no more. Thank you for such an inspiring film and taking the personal risks to bring this to the public\ s attention.
- Sean Buck

Bravissimo! un film qui rendra les gens moins cons face a ce magnifique ętre des mers!
- pascal

What a great look into the world that most do not know about or want to hear about. More movies and show\ s like Sharkwater need to be brought to the light of day. We the people that share the earth with all living things need to smarten up and need to remember that the all mighty dollar does not need to be the only thing we think about. Supply and demand fuel\ s this industry as well as most other stupid things we do. Supply and demand let\ s close this market down people.
- B,Baird

Hey! Tyler came 2 our school and his message was awsome!!! i got my mom 2 rent the movie so she could watch it. i\"m sooo glad u made this movie and that my science teacher showed it 2 us!! thnx 4 comeing!
- Margaret ave. student

This movie needs to be promoted and shown in countries that take part in this murder. It should also be shown in every school on the planet. My 8 yr old daughter wept and kept asking me \"Why Dad?\" and all I could respond with was tears.
- Neville Lillywhite

Hey, great job! I love sharks since I was a child! This movie, and this projekt is the best I have ever seen. I told it all my friends and I will evrerytime do what I can do to safe this wonderfull animals! I want to say thank´s to Rob Stewart for his passion! It´s wonderfull for me to see such impressing people like him who live their dreams. Well, please excuse my terrible english!! :-( Best greets from Germany!!!!
- RodneySK8

Amazing. Everyone should see this movie and share it with others. We WILL save the sharks!
- Carter