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I found this documentary a wake up call to how severe we have become in terms of treating sharks. I enjoyed this very much; watching it in class really opened everyone\ s eyes. Thank you very much for showing everyone that is more to reality than the drama that occurs in hollywood\ s glamour and beverly hills.

Thank you for showing the world what the truth looks like!! It was a really beautiful and sad movie. We will tell alla of our friends to go see it. Once again, thank you for an eye-opening experience!!
- The Holm family

A must see! Sure, an over used phrase but one that is so perfect for this movie! Spread the word and the effort!
- Alan

I am a huge fan of Sharkwater. I am a strong believer of saving the sharks. Rob Stewart and the rest of the crew are my idols and are amazing!
- Halie

sharkwater wa a beautiful movie that evoked thoughts of extreem sorrow watching the sharkd slaughtered,and yet there is hope with all of the world hopefully to see.
- mary

I just wish everyone would watch this film and wake up to what is happening. Amazing footage and incredibly moving.
- Chris Bailey

sharkwater was a amazing and touching film all my life i have also loved the ocean and sharks.i knew what fining was but never knew it has gotten this bad. i do not understand why people think it is okay to kill anything that we can just because we can kill them dose not mean we should! it is wrong and u really opend my eyes and shown ,e how bad this has gotten and i some day hope when i grow up to be able to say i helped save the sharks because i love them and i can not bare to see anyone kill another again!! so thatk you for making this movie
- casey

Heres some money. Keep fighting for the good.
- Ro

It was a personal movie, it had many serious errors and the point was the mission. It could have been good if someone would have balanced it out.
- Thor Kidmose

MERCI ! pour ce magnifique film en l\ honneur des requins ! ils ont bien besoin d\ un aussi grand soutien et nous devrions tous agir dans ce sens !
- william