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I had no idea that this was going on in the world. This movie moved me in a way I never thought possible. I want to join the fight to end this disgusting situation. There must be more we can do to save the sharks and save ourselves.
- Steve Fooks - Alberta Canada

hunger and passion for protecting our planet and its the most endangered species and even one of the most developed predators of our waters is the aspect that is missing in our lives.after seeing this movie i have decided to start take pictures from underwater life here in Slovakia and present them to people who are able to damage our waters.again someone who works with animals in the level as Steve Irwin used to.Tank You for that movie,we will try to continue the mission here on the other side of the planet
- marian

I\ m part of an environmental modeling class and the teacher has been giving us documentals about the defense of environment around the world to get knowledge about the bad things that are happening around the world because of our behavior. And thanks to the teacher we watched this documental about the sharks. We hope to do something positive for the environment like you with respect to the water we drink, because we are destroying the ecosystems around the planet. This documental changed our vision about the sharks. And we hope this documental change the minds of too much people around the world. Go ahead. Mexico.
- Alberto

I am 24, I dive since 12 years, I am diving instructor. I love sharks. I never accept to eat sharkfins. I watched the movie yesterday and I can\ t stop thinking about that. I hope this movie will change the mind. PROTECT THE SHARKS, IT\ S PROTECT THE EARTH AND SAVE OUR LIVES
- Anne-Charlotte - FWI Saint Martin

I am amazed by Rob\ s perseverance and his love for the planet. This movie is an example of someone living his mission and the power that comes with believing in your soul\ s cause. Thank you so much for sharing the beauty of the planet with us. I, too, am a diver and had always wished that everyone could see what I saw. I am so glad you\ ve expanded our world! I hope your efforts will galvanize us all to action, to start saving sharks, and ultimately, ourselves. Much love, Phuong
- Phuong Tran, California

Inspiring movie which has a message that really sinks in. I\ m only fourteen and wasn\ t expecting something like this. Shark Water had inspired me to be an shark activist. One of the greatest documentaries I\ ve ever seen!
- Tasha

I am going to share my DVD with the people around me! =) hope it can educate people on sharks! Thanks for the effort and risking yourself to do this.. thumbs up!
- Pearl Lee

thank you so much! i love it! since years i fight for sharks. words can not describe my feelings! great! just great!!! greetings from germany :)
- Neiya

Pascal\ s remark regarding this inhumane behavior, and how those who engage in it are doing the same toward our own species, is right on the money! I wish we all were as wise and rational as him - people like him are the ones who\ ll make a difference.
- Bill - Georgia, USA

merci pour tout !! continuons la lutte ensemble et sauvons les requins et la planete
- jojo france