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Inspiring movie which has a message that really sinks in. I\ m only fourteen and wasn\ t expecting something like this. Shark Water had inspired me to be an shark activist. One of the greatest documentaries I\ ve ever seen!
- Tasha

I am going to share my DVD with the people around me! =) hope it can educate people on sharks! Thanks for the effort and risking yourself to do this.. thumbs up!
- Pearl Lee

thank you so much! i love it! since years i fight for sharks. words can not describe my feelings! great! just great!!! greetings from germany :)
- Neiya

Pascal\ s remark regarding this inhumane behavior, and how those who engage in it are doing the same toward our own species, is right on the money! I wish we all were as wise and rational as him - people like him are the ones who\ ll make a difference.
- Bill - Georgia, USA

merci pour tout !! continuons la lutte ensemble et sauvons les requins et la planete
- jojo france

Thank you for making this! My family and I have a newfound understanding of sharks and the perils they face. Keep fighting the good fight, sharks and Sharkwater are in our thoughts. --from SF Bay Area
- Peter

This documentary is amazing! I have always been interested in sharks and like most people, I was also experiencing an irrational fear of them. In the past few years I have begun to learn more about them and this movie solidified my love for them. I am planning a trip to the galapagos for next year and am hoping I can get the chance to see, and maybe scuba/snorkel near some sharks. Rob Stewart is my new role model!
- Rebecca

J\ aime les requin ils m\ intrigue tous le jour ou mon reve se realisera se sera de nager avec eux leur imposante shiloute est sublime ils telement de qualite et pourtant nous les hommes nous voulons sont extermination car nous le fesaon passer pour un tuer sanguinaire moi je dit I LOVE GREENPEACE continuer de les defendre pour eux et pour nous
- mathieu

Greetings from Sweden. It was fantastic yet heartbreaking.What can we do to stop this madness.We have to stand united.Keep up the good work.Best regards Eric Linders
- Eric Linders

Stunning! It is about time that the myths surrounding these wonderful species were addressed. The commitment of Rob, the crew and all is astounding! A superb film!
- James McDermott