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The best documentry ive ever seen.Really really interesting.The documentry with full of passion. Rob gave in trying to find a way somehow to catch these inhumane people.The way it was shot with the sound effects and all it was amazing. I with really impressed and definately love to watch it again.Seriously a must watch for everybody with a heart!

This movie made me cry. I was absolutely appalled by the way the sharks and whales and other species are being treated. I recently saw a film called \"Arctic Tale\" the other night as well and I have to say I am so very ashamed of the f**king human race. Why are we doing such horrible things to the planet/OUR HOME!!!!
- Ashley Sutton

A true masterpiece - essential viewing for every human being with intention to be conscious of what is really happening here. Thanks for this, respect, regards and good luck to the future!
- dimitra

I was really moved by this film. I had no idea that all of this was going on. I have so much more respect for sharks now. What Lucy said. It is horrible what people do for a bowl of soup. And while im saying this i might as well say that im somewhat realted to Paul Watson. Hes my grandmas boyfriends neices uncle. Not really related, but hes in there somewhere. Back to the topic. I am starting a youtube group call OCMADcampaign. Thats the \"One can make a difference campaign\". I know it might not help much, but im gonna help get the word out.
- Collin Dunn

This film has had such an impact on me as a scubadiver & lover of nature. I am willing to donate all my free time to help with this wonderful cause. What a great film, human greed will destroy us all. Everyone should boycott all restaurants serving sharks fin soup & harass all stores selling the fins, we need to spread the word. Also, I think Steven Speilberg should donate millions because his film Jaws has made thousands of people afraid of sharks to this day! We need to love & understand them more & this film is a winner. Thank you for all your time & passion for making it.
- cindi

This film was incredibly moving, i am so happy someone has finally done something to prove to the world how wonderful sharks really are, and that they desperatly need our help !!Rob Stewart is a great man. I would recommend this to all so peoples eyes can be opened to this true horror of what people will do for a bowl of f**king soup, its discusting !!
- Lucy

To all of you who aren\ t doing anything about what you saw, please do. Rob is doing a great job, but he is just one voice. If everyone speaks as loudly as he, the sharks might stand a chance.
- Chad

Truly eye opening for those not in the know. This should be shown on all terrestrial networks to educate the masses. Perhaps Spielberg could lend his support, seeing as though Jaws (whilst a great film) has contributed to human oerception of sharks...whaddya say Steve??
- Rob Purcell

Its really scary to know that most sharks are about to die out within a decade. All marine ecosystems will be affected. I think this film is very important in many ways, but mostly to show everybody that this is the naked truth! People are unaware of this. To often human shows so much disrespect towards our planet and nature, but I truly hope it can be reversed, so future generations also can enjoy the sea in its magnificent form.
- Joakim, Sweden

A very impressive documentary. Human must be killed for this things...We are really pathetic...I hope this film can make its road around the world, more especially in Asia !! Thanks Rob.Stewart for your excellent job. I hope we will thinking to it now and in the future.
- Yoann, France