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One brilliant way to message the world about the seriousness of depleting shark population.
- Sharon

The best Ive seen in a long time! I hope this movie reaches all around the world. Its needed and it opened my eyes. A must see!!!!
- jonas severin

I loved this documentary it was educational and moving. I was not aware of the great depletion of sharks. We need to have this film shown in Asia. It is about time their culture changes their view on conservation. I hope there are actions being taken on putting sharks on the endangered species list. I live in Florida were I still see sharks being fished and killed for no true reason.
- Debra Stillman

save the sharks!!!
- claudia

hi. im 14 and when i watched this movie i really wanted help stop shark finning but i dont know if any one has an answer plzz contact me on facebook- Elvir K.
- Elvir

Hello there, If in any way possible, please release this movie in theaters in Belgium and the Netherlands too. Maybe we don\ t live next to the great oceans, but if nothing else, we do have lots of divers who could and would support you if they had the opportunity to see this movie. (As a Sea
- Katrien Vandevelde

I useally cry like once a year, but this film really made me cry! I love sharks, even though I\ m terrified of the looks of some of them (but you should have respect for them, so). I honestly can\ t understand how you can live with yourself after doing such horrible things to another creature!
- Anna

It must of been bad for rob when he saw the shark die
- save the shark

Exellent!!! movie I have dived with them but i never saw them the way i did before
- save the shark

this movie was eye opening. i bought it, watched it once then the next day i brought it to school and my teachers let me play it in 3 classes. everybody had the same reaction i did this is one of the best, most important movies ever.
- stephen jones