ROB STEWART TRIBUTE DAY March 18, 1pm at Savor Cinema Fort Lauderdale

The Motion Picture Community and environmentalists around the world were so saddened by the news of indie filmmaker, Rob Stewart, who died in a diving incident south of Islamorada, in the waters off Alligator Reef. Rob was filmming the sequel to his 2006 film, SHARKWATER. While diving at deapths over 200 feet, using a rebreather, Rob came to the surface with his diving buddy, who was going in and out of conciousness. Rob signaled for the dive boat to get the friend on-board. The crew pulled him on-board as reports say Rob gave them the thumbs up. Accounts here are sketchy, as the crew became fcused on the buddy, they apparentently lost sight of Rob. Rob must have passed out and sank beneath the surface. A massive search took place by air and sea, as well as beachcombers scouring the shore for traces. Deep sea divers found Rob’s body four days later.

A few days after the grim discovery, I contacted Rob’s parents who were casual friends of ours. Brian and Sandy had come with Rob in 2006 when he presented SHARKWATER at parker Playhouse. A few years later, I met them again in Cannes where we presented Rob with an award for his groundbreaking work in an effort to save the planet from an ecolological armageddon. I asked Brian and Sandy if FLIFF could honor Rob by showing his two films, SHARKWATER and REVOLUTION. The idea was to show them for free…but ask people to make a voluntary donation to go toward finishing funds for SHARKWATER: EXTINCTION. Though wracked with grief, they were happy to give us the go, so that Rob’s life and work would be remembered. We will also present an annual environmental award in Rob’s name, to the film that best represents how people can make changes in lifestyle to help the planet.

The films will play Saturday, March 18, at Savor Cinema. SHARKWATER will screen at 1pm followed by REVOLUTION at 3pm. Both are free.
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