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This film simply blew me away, I had no idea how many sharks were brutally slaughtered each year, upwards of 100,000,000 annually. I\ m using this as a related text for my year twelve extension english study \"Navigating a globalized world\". I feel that I can really do something with this movie. I\ m trying to get as many people as I can to watch it. Thank you Rob Stewart, you\ ve inspired an Australian teenager to spread awareness of this matter and stop the greed that is inherent within the humanity of this globalized world. Thank you.

Tim Woolmer

this movie is so incredible, it moved me so much and I\ m constantly trying to get other people to see this movie. I actually cried at one point in the movie and I think that says that this movie is really worth so much. I hop

I\ m only 8 and I went as a Shark Scientist for halloween with a big sign on me....STOP SHARK FINNING. I love sharks and more people need to learn more about this beautiful creature.


I bought this film because I love Sharks for a very long time now. I am so fascinated by them and as I saw the movie I was so shocked what so many humans do to them! I had tears in my eyes. I have to say you all: thank you for this eye-opening film, I hope your movie will be seen by many more people and changes minds. Thank you to all of you! For your hard work espeacialy. You are great!


I am a freshman at the University of Rhode Island, I am majoring in Marine Biology. Since watching Sharkwater, I have decided where I am going with my studies. I am going to save the sharks. I am going to be a shark conservationist. Rob Stewart, you are someone I aspire to be like someday. Thank you for inspiring me and giving me a direction. I am currently writing a paper on why shark populations are declining for my writing course and I will soon be beginning another paper on the over fishing of sharks for my resource economics course. The movie is one of my main sources of inspiration for both papers.

Kristina Thomson

I have been moved to action by this film. I have always been fascinated since I was a boy about Sharks. And I have always wondered to what extent they are endangered. Now I know and now something must be done. Thank you for a courageous and passionately made film. You guys are heroes.

Hayden Eastwood

I just saw Sharkwater on Norwegian national television, and it completely blew me away. Keep up the good work! Here in Norway we try to do our best to preserve the endagered red list species of shark that we have. No Taiwanese purchasers dare come in our harpoons way...

OJ Nordhagen

i\ ve just watched your movie and i have been so deeply moved that i went straight on the internet to sign petitions against sharks massacre and this is just the beggining. Mr Stewart , your courage and devotion is an inspiration.I am very pessimistic about the future of our planet but people like you make a light shine at the end of the tunnel.You are a true HERO!Thank you so much.

bruno chretien

Me and my boyfriend just finished watching your movie a few minutes ago. It was incredible! It really was an eyeopening moment for us! I\ ve watched plenty of programs about sharks, and one of my dreams in life is to swim with them. Great whites are my favorites. Thank you! Wish you all the best with your next movie! Ane and Joachim -Norway-

Thank you for this great and shocking movie, my boyfriend and I watched it 2 weeks ago and I cried so many tears. This time we\ re doingsome public work like writing to newspapers and magazines and the german TV to support you and the seasheperds! Hopefully we can change something in the world and the fragile ocean system. Thank you for opening our minds and eyes!

Larissa and Chris

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