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Wow - that flew by. Beautiful videography worth seeing on the big screen. I thought it would be sad but it's powerful and uplifting.

Incredible movie. Wish I could buy the whole world a ticket. Environmental message is important but I love the action adventure story and underwater footage.

Rob was a hero for sharks, our planet and mankind. This is a fantastic film that everyone should see, it is one of my favorite movies of all time. I still have tears, RIP Rob, thank you for everything you have done to open the world's eyes to these magnificent sharks. You are an inspiration with your mission.

Heartwrenching. A true hero who was on a mission....and that mission is continuing at the hands of all that love him.

Fabulous movie. Saw it last night and have highly recommended it to all our friends. One took her five and nine year olds and they were glued to the screen. A must view for all ages. Stewart fought so hard for the environment. We owe it to him to catty on his quest.

The best film i've seen all year, this is a film for the whole family. What an adventure Stewart went on, can't believe how corrupt the fishng industry is even in California. and yay they've shut that down. high five to stewart for that

I wish that everyone in the world could see this and understand how big of an issue killing sharks is.

Excellent tells a message to the world

Breath talking ... Rob Stewart has out done him self with this movie. The realization of what the Human race is contributing to our waters, make one take a step back and reflect on how they can help. Thank you Rob for opening our eyes once again

Beautiful and exciting, it grabbed me by the heartstrings from the beginning. Fantastic film for a fantastic filmmaker.