Saving Our Seas From a Mile High Symposium April 13 in Denver

Fins Attached is hosting their annual Saving Our Seas From a Mile High Ocean Symposium and Awards Gala on April 13, 2019. A number of fascinating guests will be speaking at the event. Rob Stewart’s parents, Sandy and Brian Stewart, will be honoring Rob’s memory by giving out the Rob Stewart Ocean Conservationist of the Year, and Shark Scientist of the Year Awards.

Rob Stewart’s newest film, Sharkwater Extinction, is currently playing at select theaters and is available for digital download in the U.S. by clicking here and in Canada by clicking here. His first two films, Sharkwater and Revolution, won awards around the world, while Sharkwater Extinction is also picking up awards at film festivals worldwide, following its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival last September. Click here to see Rob’s life in photos.

Also in attendance will be actress Hayden Panettiere, who is known for her performances in the television series Heroes and Nashville, as well as Wendy Benchley, a renowned global voice for protecting sharks and safeguarding the seas.

Other speakers include New York Times best-selling author Wallace J. Nichols, named “Keeper of the Sea” by GQ Magazine; Dr. Peter Kimley, who has written over 60 scientific articles on the behavior and ecology of sharks and rays; Environmentalist Randall Arauz, who led the campaign to halt shark finning in Costa Rica; Dr. Mauricio Hoyos, the 2018 winner of the Rob Stewart Shark Researcher of the Year Award and filmmaker Michael Nash.

The events begins at 3 p.m. at the Halcyon Hotel at 245 Columbine Street, Denver Colorado.

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