Sharkwater Press Reviews:

Sharkwater will change the way people view sharks and the ocean. It will open their eyes... and, hopefully, their hearts.
Cristopher Chin, Deeper Blue

“Impassioned and strikingly beautiful” – Eye Weekly

“Compelling…part gorgeous, ethereal swim with the sharks…part message movie about the slaughter of the innocents.”
Bruce Kirkland, Toronto Sun

“A simple – but ravishingly beautiful – natural history film a la ‘March of the Penguins’”
Ron Foley, Atlantic Film Festival

“A politically charged, edge-of-your seat environmental thriller”

“Like ‘An Inconvenient Truth’, it rates as utterly essential viewing for anyone who cares about the state of the environment and the future of the world as a whole."

“An electrifying environmental thriller”
Ron Foley Macdonald,

“For environmentalists, the film is a must-see; for everyone else, Sharkwater is gripping storytelling, a kind of cross between the sheer biological poetry of ‘Winged Migration’ and engaged politics of ‘Bowling for Columbine’.”

“A contemporary masterpiece, combining modern-day ecological drama with some of the most provocative shark footage to ever see the light of day”
Mongo Nikol,

“Boasts stunning underwater photography and takes its audience on a unique and amazing journey”
Sandy Mandelberger, Fort Lauderdale Film Festival

“This is one documentary that must be seen. The truth has indeed surfaced.”
Paolo Rendon, Atlantic Tech Center for Teenlink South Florida

Stewart's footage is superb…. an eco-upset tale as complex and cautionary as "Darwin's Nightmare."
David Rooney, Variety

“The most awesome documentary ever”
Moon Yun, Ain’t It Cool News