In Loving Memory of Rob Stewart

Sharkwater – A Tribute to Rob Stewart

Movie theatres across Canada will be screening Rob Stewart’s award-winning film Sharkwater on Saturday, Feb. 25th. Admission is free of charge at the box office in exchange for a donation to WWF-Canada. All funds raised will go directly to supporting the continuation of Rob Stewart’s important conservation work.

For locations and showtimes, please Click Here.

If you can’t attend a screening on February 25 but would still like to make a donation to the World Wildlife Fund in Rob Stewart’s memory, click here. A tax receipt will be issued.

We are so deeply grateful to everyone who helped search, and happy that Rob passed while doing what he loved. We are working on how best to honour his incredible work. If you would like to share your memories or messages with the public, please post them using the form below. We are working on a way to share photos as well.

For private messages to the family please click here

Rob Stewart accomplished so much in his life, but there’s still more to do. To honour Rob’s memory, the Stewart family is collecting donations through WWF-Canada in order to continue his conservation work. You can help by visiting and WWF-Canada will hold the proceeds in a fund to help carry on Rob’s legacy. A tax receipt will be issued.

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  1. My most profound love to you at this time of feeling deep loss.

    Time doesn’t heal all wounds. We can’t grieve alone, we can’t be strong for others. We can only let the raw emotions surface and break without trying to stop them.

    Your son and brother forever changed my life and I felt like I was really part of something worthy of living for.

    The earth and all of her creatures and plants and beings are so sacred and precious and I am glad that Rob helped tweak my path to be more aligned with what I believe in.

    Thank you, –

    Amy reynolds 6:40 pm on February 18, 2017
  2. I was very young when I became interested in sharks. They scared people, but not me. At that time the disastrous image of the Teeth of the Sea haunted consciences and it was difficult to explain how sharks were fabulous and innocent savages”. When I saw the first image of Rob caressing this shark, an infinite gratitude captivated me and from then on my admiration has not ceased with respect to him. Finally, people would see that their fears are unfounded. Sharks are just ignored and unjustly sacrificed.

    Rob was for me a thread in life, a support in the face of the indifference of people on the shark finning and all the ecological subjects of our planet. The wonders that exist underwater are endless and are indispensable to life. Rod leaves us with an immense void and all my thoughts turn to his family and friends at this very painful moment. Naturally, anonymous people think of him. A prayer will be said for him this morning at the church of Sainte Agnès d’Alfort. Thank you Rob for what you were here and what you are always in our hearts.

    In loving memory
    Sylvie. Paris

    Sylvie FERNANDES 3:45 am on February 19, 2017
  3. It was Rob who initially inspired me to learn about sharks and understand their plight. And because of the dedication that I admired in him, I went on to organize a very special group of “challenged” children who would become known as the Shark Finatics. I showed them Sharkwater and it was the fuel that energized their enthusiasm and gave them purpose. They have gone on to educate hundreds of people about sharks and to eventually win Oceana’s first ever Junior Ocean Hero award. Rob’s dedication to a cause has inspired so many over the years and through him, we will continue to fight for everything that he held so close to his heart.

    Robin Culler 9:03 am on February 19, 2017
  4. Rob Stewart inspired many, ever since I watched his movie Shark water in grade 7, I’ve been extremely interested in sharks, and the ocean, he is so inspiration, and when I learned of his passing it broke me inside, I think I’m sending this message past the deadline but I hope you’ll still read it. Rob is a legend and he will always have a place in my heart, my one hope is that we continue his legacy and save not only the sharks, but the ocean and ourselves, we need to stop killing live in the ocean, or we will all be EQUALLY extinct. Rip Rob Stewart 😥❤

    Layla Fadhil 10:05 am on February 19, 2017
  5. Rob made a huge difference in my life.

    When I was nine, I fell in love with sharks. I found out about shark finning, and I watched Sharkwater. Rob’s movie inspired me to do something about shark finning, and he showed me that I could make a difference.

    A couple years ago, I read Rob’s book Save the Humans. Through that book, I realized that I wanted to dedicate my life to saving animals and the environment. Now I’m about to go to college to major in Wildlife. My life would be completely different without Rob.

    So thank you for everything you’ve done, Rob. We miss you.


    Sara Kershner 11:12 am on February 19, 2017
  6. When I was a child, I was in love with nature and animals, and I was also kind of fascinated with sharks, but I didn’t know much about them. Then, 5 years and a half ago, I’ve seen Sharkwater, and something awakened in me. This documentary changed my life for the better, reconnecting me deeply with that part of myself, making me not only love, care, and understand the oceans & sharks, but making me take action for the first time in my life. In the process, Rob became one of the persons I admired the most in the world, because his work and what he’s been through to make his first documentary were just incredible and amazingly inspirational. He was so committed to his cause and so passionate that it was contagious. And he had this amazing ability to reach people’s heart and turn our emotions into actions. He taught us to fight for the sharks, the oceans, the planet, and the humans being, and that one person can make a difference. He taught us we could create a better world.

    I remember coming here to share my review about Sharkwater because it impacted me so much. Today I am here again because you’re gone Rob, and it impacts me even more.

    Your funeral is over, and I’m still in shock. I’m still devastated. I still feel broken. And I am crying as I write this. I didn’t know you personally and we have never met. Yet, you were kind of part of my life. I can’t believe this has happened and that the world has lost such a caring and incredible human being. You were and will always be my hero, my model, my inspiration. What you have accomplished during your lifetime is absolutely incredible.

    You will be in my heart forever, and I will do everything I can to make your legacy live on. I am forever grateful for the change you’ve made in me.

    Behind every shark, and every time I will see the ocean, there will be a thought for you.
    And you will always be loved and remembered by all the persons you have touched around the world, and we will continue to defend the sharks and the ocean.

    You’re gone too soon and you are already greatly missed.

    Rest in peace beautiful soul <3

    Tiffany D 8:15 pm on February 19, 2017
  7. Rob, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for letting me see the world through your eyes. You have for ever changed my perspective on all aspects of nature – I truly believe that my life has become richer and more colorful because of you!



    Theis William Nielsen 10:34 am on February 20, 2017
  8. I have seen this film back in Dubai when the EDA sponsored its screening. I could not forget what a great film it was of adventure and purpose and its message of love for nature and shown its beauty was truly fun and wonderful to see. I moved to Toronto in 2012. I am saddened of the lost of this young adventurer. I am proud to know that Toronto was his home and makes me feel overwhelmed to call it home now as well. So I thank you and my prayers to you.

    bing Vilanueva 9:09 pm on February 20, 2017
  9. I was fortunate enough to have heard Rob Stewart speak in Toronto two times. I was impressed because he not only had a passion, but he lived his passion and shared his passion. He took action and initiated change.

    Thank you Rob for making me believe again that one person could truly make a difference in our world. You restored my hope that we can save our earth.

    Kim Barbour 12:52 pm on February 23, 2017
  10. Dear rob’s family
    I am sorry for your loss. He was a good man. I wish he was alive now.
    I really liked him rob died doing what he loved. I love shark’s!
    From Mary Grade 2 EDPS

    Mary w 2:15 pm on February 24, 2017
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