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Recent News

  • Rob Stewart’s parents, Brian and Sandy Stewart, to attend Saving Our Sea from a Mile High event

    As the one-year anniversary of Rob Stewart’s passing approaches, Fins Attached has announced they will be holding their Saving Our Sea from a Mile High event on January 27, 2018 in honor of the Sharkwater and Revolution filmmaker, to celebrate what Rob continues to mean to the… read more.

  • Senator’s bill to ban shark fins moves ahead

    Calling the global trade of shark fins “unsustainable, irresponsible, unbelievably cruel and ecologically reckless,” Sen. Michael MacDonald has repeated his call to make it illegal to import them in Canada. Bill S-238, known as the Ban on Shark Fin Importation… read more.

  • Rob Stewart receives Senate 150 medal

    In Ottawa this morning, late filmmaker Rob Stewart was among the honorees to receive a Senate 150 Anniversary medal. His parents, Brian and Sandy Stewart, accepted the medal from Senator Michael McDonald, whose Bill S-238 proposes that Canada support a… read more.

  • Rob Stewart receives Clean50 Lifetime Achievement Award

    Canada’s Clean50 honoree list was released just a few days ago to honour 50 Canadians who are sustainability leaders in a variety of categories. Of the 50 honorees, the most notable is Sharkwater filmmaker Rob Stewart, who will receive Clean50’s first ever Lifetime Achievement… read more.

  • Rob Stewart tribute mural to be unveiled Sept 9 in Toronto

    A tribute mural to honor the memory of Rob Stewart, the late award-winning filmmaker and conservationist, will be unveiled in his hometown of Toronto on September 9, 2017 at 9 Bedford Road starting at 3:00 p.m. At 3 pm a public unveiling… read more.

  • Remembering Rob Stewart – Sharkwater sequel continuing as planned

    It’s been six months since we lost Rob Stewart during a tragic diving accident off the coast of Florida. However, much has been accomplished in that time to further his goal of saving sharks and the planet. Rob’s films have… read more.

  • Boat christened Sharkwater in honor of Rob Stewart

    On July 27, 2017, a former Japanese 133 foot (41 metre) fishing vessel acquired by Fins Attached was christened the Sharkwater at the Bahia Mar Marina in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in honor of Rob Stewart. Sharkwater Extinction will be filmed… read more.

  • Daily Planet celebrates Rob Stewart’s life tonight

    @ 7 we celebrate the life of Rob Stewart- a champion for sharks. We look back @ his encounters &get a sneak peek from Shark Water Extinction — Daily Planet (@dailyplanetshow) July 26, 2017 Daily Planet is airing a… read more.

  • Sharkwater Boat Christening in Fort Lauderdale Florida July 27, 2017 4PM to 7PM

    Marine Research and Conservation non-profit, Fins Attached, is excited to announce the christening of the research expedition vessel, M/Y Sharkwater. The event will take place at the Bahia Mar Marina in Fort Lauderdale on July 27 between 4:00 – 7:00 PM, and is open to the public.

  • World Oceans Day

    On World Oceans Day, We honor and remember our hero, Rob Stewart. Loved by legions, and missed by multitudes, Rob was a tireless advocate for his beloved sharks and oceans, and had an unending ability to look at the bright… read more.

"A Nature Classic. Part Michael Moore, Part Jacques Cousteau, Rob Stewart is an interesting hybrid with enough integrity, and enough filmmaker hustle, to swim with the sharks - and make us love them" 4 Stars Katherine Monk, Vancouver Sun

"If Sharkwater doesn't win the Academy Award, the judges need a saliva test" Peter Worthington, The Toronto Sun

"Sharkwater will change the way people view sharks and the ocean. It will open their eyes... and hopefully their hearts" Cristopher Chin, Deeper Blue

"A simple - but ravishingly beautiful - natural history film a la 'March of the Penguins" Ron Foley, Atlantic Film Festival

"If you aren't enarmoured of sharks before you see Sharkwater, you will be after" Melora Koepke,

"A high-action drama filled with edge-of-your-seat moments. A must-see for anyone concerned with the plight of our oceans and our world" 4.5 Stars Tribute Magazine

"For environmentalists, the film is a must see; for everyone else, Sharkwater is gripping storytelling, a kind of cross between the sheer biological poetry of 'Winged Migration' and engaged politics of 'Bowling for Columbine'" Ron Macdonald.

"If you fail to be moved by this movie, something is terribly wrong" 4.5 Stars Patrick Blennerhasset, Victoria News

"It's an incredible, incredible documentary" Harvey Levin, guest host Larry King Live

"The most awesome documentary ever" Moon Yun, Ain't It Cool News

"A gorgeous documentary. Sublime. Some of the most beautiful footage of sharks ever recorded. A documentary with a social conscience and a scientific agenda" 4.5 Stars Bruce Kirkland

"A fascinating, gorgeously photographed documentary" 4 Michael D.Reid, Victoria Times-Colonist

"High drama. What Stewart went through during filming... is worthy of its own movie" 4.5 stars John Griffen, The Montreal Gazette

"A truly exciting documentary. The cinematopgraphy is top-notch" 3.5 stars Vanessa Farqusharson, The National Post

"Stewart's footage is superb... an eco-upset tale as complex and cautionary as 'Darwin's Nightmare'" David Rooney, Variety