10 Easy Ways to Save Sharks

1) Take our Shark Free pledge

Pledge to keep sharks out of the products you buy, so we can reduce pressure on their populations and save them from extinction.

2) Spread the word.

Bring all your friends to see Sharkwater Extinction. Our goal is to get the film seen by as many people as possible – spreading Rob’s important message as far as possible. Take your class, club or group to see Sharkwater, Revolution and/or Sharkwater Extinction.

3) Make shark Fin Illegal.

Rob started the #FinFree movement, and now over 150 million people live in places where shark fin is an illegal substance. Let’s add to those numbers.
Or start a local movement!

4) Donate to the cause.

Help us complete Rob’s work: Donate Now

5) Fight for what you love.

Join Team Sharkwater and leave the world a better place than you found it. Imagine if we all did that?

6) Keep sharks out of your cosmetics.

The majority of Squalene and Squalane comes from shark liver oil. Never use any products (including makeup, wrinkle creams, lotions, and deodorants) that contain Squalene unless it specifically states ‘100% plant-derived,’ or ‘vegetable based’ or ‘vegetable origins’ or ‘Synthetic’ which is made from sugarcane.

7) Be aware, informed consumers.

Know what you are buying. Often shark is relabeled as other types of fish, like rock salmon, included in fish patties like pollock, or hidden from consumers – as shark ingredients are not always labeled like chondroitin which can be made from shark cartilage or shagreen which is made from their skin.

Take your business elsewhere. Do not support any restaurant, business or store that sells shark or ray products inform them of your concerns. Educate them about why you are making this choice and ask them to make the same decision.

8) Host a local screening of Sharkwater.

Give a presentation at a school or event.  You can even download a primary or secondary education guide.

9) Develop a voice.

Increase your Shark IQ. Learn more, then teach others.  Be heard. Blog, write articles, appeal to media outlets, and help dispel the myths. Don’t support media outlets that demonize sharks.

10) Make your vote count.

Even if you aren’t living in a country that is heavily consuming sharks, chances are, your country is part of the problem. The US and many countries in the EU are responsible for catching more sharks than most other countries in the world. And Canada is the largest importer of sharks outside of Asia. Support legislation that stops shark fishing, protects shark habitats, and ends overfishing. It’s not just about the sharks – it’s about the oceans.

And for bonus points… Don’t eat any fish!

Think you aren’t eating shark? Think again. A recent study by Oceana indicated nearly half of the fish in Canada was mislabeled.  And often, shark meat is labeled with other names – there are over 18 in English alone – to confuse the consumer. Shark meat is not only an ecological disaster, it’s a health disaster for those that consume it due to high mercury levels.