Awards & Recognitions

As of May 31, 2019

  1. Cannes – Monaco Better World Forum presented “Hero Conservation Award” to Rob and his film
  2. AFI Positive Cinema Week In Cannes – received Best Environmental Documentary Award
  3. AFI Positive Cinema Week Award will be presented Annually in Rob’s Name “Best Environmental Documentary”
  4. Godollo International Nature Film Festival, Hungary, Best Documentary
  5. Cinema Verde International Environmental Film & Arts Festival
    SWE honored with the 2019 Whistleblower Award
  6. DC Environmental Film Festival
    SWE selected as 2019 closing night film and Rob Stewart was recipient of the Shared Earth Foundation Award for Advocacy
  7. San Francisco International Ocean Film Festival
    2019 – SWE honoured as the opening night film and received the Conservation Award
  8. Sochi International Film Festival
    SWE honoured with 2018 Special Jury Mention
  9. 2019 New York Festivals TV & Film Awards
    SWE honored with Silver World Medal (Feature Documentary), Silver World Medal (Documentary Heroes) and Gold World Medal (Documentary, Nature & Wildlife)
  10. Unstad Arctic Surf Film Festival
    SWE, 2019 – Winner Best Film
  11. Vancouver Film Festival
    In 2018 announced the creation of the ‘Rob Stewart Eco Warrior Award”
    Will be presented annually starting in 2019 and include a $5,000 cash prize
  12. Byron Bay Film Festival
    2018 Closing night gala featured a memorial celebrating Rob’s remarkable impact
    SWE won the 2018 Best Environmental Film Award
  13. Byron Bay Film Festival Announced that starting in 2019, the award will be renamed the “Rob Stewart Best Environmental Film Award”
  14. Planet in Focus Film Festival, Toronto
    Presents the annual Rob Stewart Youth Eco-Hero Award 2018 was presented to Rachel Parent
  15. FICMA, Barcelona
    SWE recipient of the 2018 Golden Sun Award for best feature documentary
  16. Napa Valley Film Festival
    2018, honored Rob with a Special Recognition for Courageous Filmmaking
  17. Fort Lauderdale Film Festival
    SWE winner of the Fliff 2018 Best Documentary Award
  18. FLIFF Festival Best Environmental / Conservation Documentary Award presented annually Rob Stewart Environmental Film Award
    2018 recipient “Poisoning Paradise” directed by Keely Shaye Brosnan and Teresa Tico
  19. China International Green Film Week
    SWE received 2018 Best Educational Film Award
  20. Dalhousie University, Halifax
    The Rob Stewart Award in Marine Conservation
    A fund in Rob’s name provides an annual cash prize to students studying marine biology at the university
  21. Canadian Academy of Film & Television
    In 2018 announced the creation of the annual Rob Stewart Award for best science or nature documentary program or series
    The Canadian Screen Award comes with a cash prize of $25,000
  22. Senate 150 Medal
    Posthumously received a 150 Anniversary medal awarded by the Senate to citizens who have made an extraordinary impact through generosity, dedication, volunteerism and hard work
  23. Fins Attached Annual award in Rob’s name
    The Sharkwater Boat
    Shark Advocacy Group, ‘Fins Attached’ dedicated a new research vessel to Rob. With a mission to save sharks and the planet, the boat was christened The Sharkwater. The vessel is a former Japanese whaling ship that has been retrofitted to a state of the art dive and research vessel for use by film crews and researchers.
  24. Clean 50, Lifetime Achievement Award
    Clean 50 annually recoginizes leaders in sustainability for their contributions. In 2018, Rob was recognized with Clean50’s second ever Lifetime Achievement Award.
  25. A New Species Of Shark Named
    December, 2018, a new species of shark was discovered and named for Rob – Bythaelurus Stewarti
  26. Ocean Wise Conservation & Research Communication Award
    Rob was honoured with a 2019 Ocean Wise award recognizing his passion for ocean conservation and impact around the world
  27. 2019 World Wildlife Day Film Showcase: Living Oceans
    Honourable Mention for REVOLUTION
  28. IndieFEST Film Awards
    Outstanding Achievement: Documentary Feature
  29. The 17th  Matsalu Nature Film Festival
    SWE was honored with the Grand Prix and the Audience Award, 2019
  30. Worldfest-Houston International Independent Film Festival
    SWE was honored with the Gold Remi Award, 2019
  31. IHCAP 10th CMS VATAVARAN International Film Festival and Forum on Environment & Wildlife
    SWE has been nominated under the ‘Wildlife Conservation (more than 40 min), International’ category
  32. Green Film Fest
    Shark Conservation Hero
  33. International Hero Film Fest Award (HFFA)
    Best Director- Feature
  34. London Eco Film Festival
    Best Documentary Feature
  35. IndieFEST Film Awards
    Winner- Award of Excellence Special Mention
  36. Wildlife Film Festival Rotterdam
    Flamingo Award in the category Awareness
  37. International Underwater Film Festival in Belgrade
    EUIFA Environment Award, 2019


PangeaSeed Foundation
The PangeaSeed Foundation, whose Sea Walls: Artists for Oceans murals around the world highlight some of the most pressing marine environmental issues of our time, launched the “Dakuwaqa Project”, dedicating murals to Rob and highlighting his pioneering efforts in the realm of marine conservation. In Fijian mythology, Dakuwaqa (pronounced Dakuwanga), the shark god, is the protector of all ocean creatures. To date, five murals by local artists have been created in Miami, Toronto, Venice Beach, Auckland, New Zealand and Cairns, Australia. In 2018, the project pledged to install 5 additional murals globally to ensure Rob’s legacy continues to live and grow.

Malpelo, Colombia
A World Heritage Site and home to unique shark populations, the Malpelo, Colombia foundation is dedicated to preserving the biodiversity of the site; the foundation will be renamed The Sharkwater Foundation. They have donated a patrol boat along with a high-speed chase boat named “The Rob Stewart”; the navy has now agreed to patrol the park.

Voice Integrative School, Toronto
Chose the newly established Rob Stewart Sharkwater Foundation as their 2019 Global charity to support. Grades 1-8 work for a semester learning more about issues and raising money to support a cause they care about.