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Heterodontiformes, also known as bullhead sharks, are an order of sharks known for their large heads with heavy brows over their eyes, stubby snouts, and short mouths. They also have a groove from their nostrils to their mouths. Bullhead sharks have two dorsal fins and an anal fin. These fins are have cartilage as well as fin rays. Bullhead sharks are bottom feeders and relatively clumsy swimmers.

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Whitespotted Bullhead Shark

Family: Heterodontidae | Genus: Heterodontus | CITES: Not Listed | IUCN: Data Deficient

The White-spotted bullhead shark is a rare and little-known species of bullhead found off eastern Africa and the eastern Arabian peninsula, at depths of up to 275m, which is unusually deep for bullhead sharks. This species is a tropical and… read more.

Zebra Bullhead Shark

Family: Heterodontidae | Genus: Heterodontus | Species: Heterodontus Zebra | CITES: Not Listed | IUCN: Least Concern

The Heterodontus Zebra, also known as the Zebra Bullhead Shark, is a bullhead shark that belongs to the Heterodontidae family. This shark is mainly found in the central Indo Pacific, from Japan and Korea to Australia. Biology: The Bullhead Shark… read more.

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