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The Carcharhiniformes, also known as ground sharks, are the largest order of sharks. There are over 250 species in this order and include common sharks such as the @tiger shark, @blue shark, and the @giant hammerhead shark. They are characterized by having two dorsal fins, an anal fin, five gill slits, and a nictitating membrane to protect their eyes.

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Whitetip Weasel Shark

Whitetip Weasel Shark

Family: Hemigaleidae | Genus: Paragaleus | Species: Paragaleus leucolomatus | CITES: Not Listed | IUCN: Data Deficient

There is only one Whitetip Weasel Shark that was collected from the Western Indian Ocean at Kosi Bay in South Africa, therefore, there is little known about this species. Biology and Behaviour: Whitetip weasels swim in tropical, shallow waters at… read more.

Winghead Shark

Winghead Shark

Family: Sphyrnidae | Genus: Eusphyra | Species: Eusphyra blochii | CITES: Not Listed | IUCN: Endangered

Winghead Sharks can be found in shallow, tropical waters in the Indo-West Pacific from the Persian Gulf to the Philippines and from China to Australia. Biology and Behaviour Winghead sharks are grey or grey-brown above with an off-white underside. They… read more.

Yellowspotted Catshark

Family: Scyliorhinidae | Genus: Scyliorhinus | CITES: Not Listed | IUCN: Near Threatened

The yellowspotted catshark is a rare species of catshark found around the southern tip of Africa, in both the Indian and Pacific coasts. As its name indicates, it has several small yellow spots along its body. Its base colour is… read more.

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