Australian Blackspotted Catshark

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About the Australian Blackspotted Catshark

The Australian Blackspotted Catshark is a species of catshark of the family Scyliorhinidae. It is endemic to Western Australia in the Eastern Indian Ocean.

Biology and Description:

This species is nocturnal but its biology is virtually unknown. It is oviparous and reaches around 67 cm TL with males maturing at approximately 54 cm TL.


The Australian Blackspotted Catshark inhabits shallow coastal habitats and offshore reefs. It occurs at a depth of at least 4 meters.


There is very little fishing pressure within this species’ range and habitat and it is of little or no commercial value, although it is possible that it is a bycatch of some commercial and recreational fishing activities. There are no specific conservation measures in place.  

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Scientific Name Aulohalaelurus labiosus
OrderGround Sharks - Carcharhiniformes
CitesNot Listed
IUCNLeast Concern
Litter Size Unknown
Common Length 67.0 cm
Max LenghtNA
Depth Range4 m
DistributionEastern Indian Ocean