Australian Spotted Catshark

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About the Australian Spotted Catshark

The Australian Spotted Catshark is a catshark of the family Scyliorhinidae, found only around Australia.

Biology and Description:

The Australian Spotted Catshark has a long and rounded body with a flattened head and pointed snout. Lateral gill slits and there are no ridges over the eyes. This species reaches about 90 cm TL and both sexes are mature at 45.5 cm TL. Its reproductive mode is single oviparity, paired eggs are laid and embryos feed solely on the yolk. It appears to be reproductively active year-round.


The Australian Spotted Catshark is demersal on the continental shelf in depths of 25-200 m.


This species is not targeted commercially, however it is caught as bycatch in demersal trawl fisheries across its range. There are currently no management measures in place for this species.

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Scientific Name Asymbolus analis
OrderGround Sharks - Carcharhiniformes
CitesNot Listed
IUCNLeast Concern
Litter Size Unknown
Common Length 90.0 m
Max LenghtNA
Depth Range 10- 180 m
DistributionWestern Indian Ocean