Crocodile Shark

About the Crocodile Shark

The Crocodile shark  is an open ocean shark that can be found in tropical and subtropical waters of all oceans around the world. They are an oceanic species usually found offshore and far from land and are native to Western Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean. The Crocodile shark is also known as the water crocodile in some parts of the world. The crocodile shark was given its name because when removed from water, it snaps its powerful jaw vigorously and is reminiscent of a crocodile.



The Crocodile shark has huge eyes, powerful jaws and razor like teeth. Male crocodile sharks can get up to lengths of 110cm and females about 122cm but their common length is about 100cm.



Crocodile sharks are ovoviviparous, which means eggs hatch inside the mother and the embryos survive by eating unfertilized eggs. They commonly have 4 pups in a litter.



The Crocodile shark is a migrating shark that remains deep in the ocean by day and then ascend to the surface at night. Given the large eyes of crocodile sharks it’s suggested that they are visual hunters, using bioluminescent and light to detect prey. Additionally, the crocodile shark is electroreceptive meaning it can sense changes in the surrounding electrical field. They feed on small open ocean such as bony fishes, squids and shrimps. The crocodile shark is not dangerous to people but because they have powerful bite humans should be cautious. They have a depth range 0 to 590m but commonly found in depths around 0 to 200 m.

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Scientific NamePseudocarcharias kamoharai
OrderMackerel Sharks - Lamniformes
CitesNot Listed
IUCNData Deficient
Litter Size4
SpeciesPseudocarcharias kamoharai
Common Length100 cm
Max Lenght122 cm
Depth Range0 - 590 m
DistributionAntarctic, Western Central Atlantic, Western Indian Ocean, Western Central Pacific, Southwest Pacific, Atlantic, Southern and Antarctic Indian Ocean, Southeast Pacific, Northwest Pacific, Northeast Pacific, Eastern Indian Ocean, Eastern Central Pacific, Antarctic Pacific
EnvironmentMarine, Oceanodromus, Pelagic