Cyrano Spurdog

About the Cyrano Spurdog

The Cyrano Spurdog is a dogfish, member of the family Squalidae, found in the Western Central Pacific Ocean.

Biology and Description:

There is not enough information regarding this species’ biology and ecology. Females reach a maximum size of 77.0 cm TL and mature at 65 cm TL. This species is ovoviviparous with 3 young per litter. Size at birth is about 24 cm TL.


The Cyrano Spurdog occurs on insular slopes, at 320 to 400 m depth. This species is bathydemersal. Found in the western central Pacific Ocean (Chesterfield Islands, and Vate, Vanuatu).


Currently no of interest to fisheries. There are currently no conservation actions in place for this species.  

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Scientific Name Squalus rancureli
OrderDog and Angelfish Sharks - Squaliformes
CitesNot Listed
IUCNNear Threatened
Litter Size 3
Common Length 77.0 cm
Max LenghtNA
Depth Range 320 - 410 m
DistributionWestern Central Pacific