Mosaic Gulper Shark

About the Mosaic Gulper Shark

The Mosaic Gulper shark is a small rare deepwater dogfish, member of the family Centrophoridae, found in the Pacific Ocean.

This species reaches a maximum size of 89.0 cm TL. This shark has no anal fin, two dorsal fins with large spines, large eyes, angular extended free tips on the pectoral fins, and a moderately notched caudal fin. Reproduction is ovoviviparous, embryos feed solely on the yolk. More information regarding this species’ biology and ecology is not available.  

The Mosaic Gulper shark is a benthopelagic, deepwater shark found in the insular slopes form Northwest Pacific Honshu and Japan, to Northeast Pacific French Polynesia and the Hawaiian Islands. Depth range 20 – 732 m.

No conservation actions currently in place for this species. Listed as “Data Deficient”.

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Scientific Name Centrophorus tessellatus
OrderDog and Angelfish Sharks - Squaliformes
CitesNot Listed
IUCNData Deficient
Litter Size 1-2
Common Length 89.0 cm
Max LenghtNA
Depth Range 20 - 732 m
DistributionNortheast Pacific, Northwest Pacific