Oman Bullhead Shark

About the Oman Bullhead Shark

The Heterodontus Omanensis, also known as the Oman Bullhead Shark, is a species only known from central Oman and Pakistan. This shark belongs to the Heterodontidae family.


This species is relatively small, dark pigmented dorsal fins, each with a white distal streak. It has four dark saddles, more or less equally distributed along the head and body. Large pectoral fins, unique egg case with 2 long tendrils extending from its base and flanges with 2 turns. Maximum length in males is 56 cm TL and in females is of 61 cm TL. More information is required on its biology, abundance, and full range.

To date there have been no dedicated surveys or population estimates for this species, further research is needed to determine population size and trends in abundance.


This species is found on the continental shelf and has been recorded at 72-80 m depth. The Oman Bullhead Shark is endemic to the Arabian Seas region and is known only from Masirah Island, central Oman, and Pakistan.


There are no species-specific conservation measures in place. Oman banned trawling in 2011 which may benefit this species. Effective monitoring of fisheries is required, as is the effective implementation and management of marine protected areas. An education program on sustainable fishing and bycatch mitigation is needed for fishers.

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Scientific NameHeterodontus Omanensis
OrderBullhead Sharks - Heterodontiformes
CitesNot Listed
IUCNNear Threatened
Litter Size1
SpeciesHeterodontus Omanensis
Common Length56.0 cm
Max LenghtNA
Depth Range72 - 80 m
DistributionWestern Indian Ocean