Ornate Wobbegong

About the Ornate Wobbegong

The Ornate wobbegong shark is a common carpet shark found in tropical waters, in algal-covered rocky areas and coral reefs. This species is native to the Indo-Pacific, from Indonesia to Papua New Guinea and south to Australia. 


Biology and Behaviour:

The Ornate wobbegong shark is a small elongated shark with dark and light splotchy brown patterns on its head, body and tail. It  has antenna like appendages around the mouth.   The maximum length that the Ornate wobbegong shark can reach is about 120 cm. Given this species colour it is the perfect camouflages among the reefs, sheltering it from predators. The Ornate wobbegong shark is nocturnal, resting on the bottom during the day and prowling on its reef habitat at night. Found at depths of 0 to 100 m the Ornate wobbegong shark presumably feeds on bottom invertebrates and fishes.



Maturity starting at 80 in length, the Ornate wobbegong shark produces young by means of giving birth to a live shark that has developed inside the parent form a 10 -11 period occurring during September-October. In each litter this species can have 4 to 18 pups at the side of about 20 cm in length.

Conservation: Listed as near threatened species.

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Scientific Name Orectolobus ornatus
OrderCarpet Sharks - Orectolobiformes
CitesNot Listed
IUCNLeast Concern
Litter Size 4-18
Common Length100 cm
Max Lenght120 cm
Depth Range 0-100 m
DistributionSouthwest Pacific, Western Central Pacific