Pacific Smalltail Shark

About the Pacific Smalltail Shark

The Carcharhinus cerdale, or Pacific Smalltail Shark, is a little-known species found in the Tropical waters of the Eastern Pacific Ocean, from the Gulf of California to Peru.

This smooth-backed species is known to grow to 140 cm total length. Information on maturity, reproduction and population is unknown. Being in the carcharhiniformes family, living in a demersal environment, the Pacific Smalltail Shark lives and feeds on or near the bottom of the ocean. Their depth range is unknown.

This species feeds on rays, fish, and small invertebrates. Some adults even feed on the young of other sharks.

The Pacific Smalltail shark is harmless to humans.

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Scientific NameCarcharhinus cerdale
OrderGround Sharks - Carcharhiniformes
CitesNot Listed
IUCNData Deficient
Litter Sizeunknown
Common Length140 cm
Max LenghtNA
DistributionEastern Central Pacific