Papuan Epaulette Shark

About the Papuan Epaulette Shark


Papuan Epaulette sharks reef-associated sharks found in shallow tropical waters of the Western South Pacific Ocean. The Papuan Epaulette shark is commonly found on seagrass beds and occasional rock and coral outcrops. They are vulnerable to threats in the Gulf of Papua region because of industrial and artisanal fisheries. Based on the location Papuan Epaulette sharks are at high risk of overfishing, habitat degradation, and pollution.


The Papuan epaulette shark has a long thin body that is brownish orange with widespread splotchy black/brown spots. They have four pectoral fins (two on each side) and two dorsal fins, as well as a long tail. They also have short barbells that hang over the mouth. They can reach a maximum size of 77 cm.


Papuan epaulette sharks are oviparous.


The Papuan Epaulette shark is a bottom feeder that eats smaller prey like bottom dwelling fish,  shrimp, sea urchins, crabs, etc. They stay in shallow waters ranging from 0 to 30 m deep.


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Scientific NameHemiscyllium hallstromi
OrderCarpet Sharks - Orectolobiformes
CitesNot Listed
SpeciesHemiscyllium hallstromi
Common Length77.0 cm
Max LenghtNA
Depth Range0 - 30 m
DistributionWestern Central Pacific