Starry Smooth-hound

About the Starry Smooth-hound

The Starry smooth-hound shark is a common inshore and offshore shark found on the continental and insular shelves. This species of shark is native to the Northeast Atlantic, found in areas like the British Isles and North Sea to Canary Islands, including the Mediterranean and Mauritania.


Biology and Behaviour:

The Starry smooth-hound shark is a small, long, thin shark that can grow up to a max length of 140 cm and a max published weight of 4.8 kg. On the top of this species of shark, around the fin and near the tail the Starry smooth-hound shark has scattered little white dots giving it its name. The Starry smooth-hound shark prefers water with sandy and gravelly bottoms. It can be found at a depth range of 0 – 350 m, and feeds primarily on crabs, lobsters and small bony fish.



Maturing at around 85 cm in length, starry smooth-hound sharks are viviparous and give birth to live young. After a 12 gestation period they can have 7 to 15 pups per litter. Pups are born at about 30 cm of length.



This species is currently stable and is considered least concern. Population management must continue to prevent it from becoming threatened.

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Scientific Name Mustelus asterias
OrderGround Sharks - Carcharhiniformes
CitesNot Listed
IUCNLeast Concern
Litter Size 7-15
Common Length 140 cm
Max LenghtNA
Depth Range 0 - 350 m
DistributionEastern Central Atlantic, Northeast Atlantic, Mediterranean and Black Sea