Straight-tooth weasel shark

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About the Straight-tooth weasel shark

The Straight-tooth Weasel shark is a weasel shark of the family Hemigaleidae, found in the tropical western Pacific Ocean. It can reach a length of 88 cm.

Biology and description:

The Straight-tooth Weasel shark reaches about 92 cm in length, is viviparous and gives birth to litters of two pups, but little else is known of its biology. This species is of grey or brown above colour and light below. No prominent marking on body and fins.


This is an inshore species but its depth range has not been reported. Its distribution ranges from Japan to Viet Nam, including Hong Kong and Taiwan. Thi is a demersal species and occurs mainly in tropical waters.


Taken as bycatch in fisheries throughout much of its range, including Hong Kong, Taiwan, Province of China, and Japan. It is retained and utilised for its meat and fins, but no data is available. There are no known conservation measures within the range of this species.


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Scientific Name Paragaleus tengi
OrderGround Sharks - Carcharhiniformes
CitesNot Listed
IUCNData Deficient
Litter Size 2
Species Paragaleus tengi
Common Length 88.0 cm
Max Lenght92 cm
DistributionWestern Central Pacific