White Ghost Catshark

About the White Ghost Catshark

The White Ghost Catshark is a species of catshark member of the family Scyliorhinidae, found in deepwater in the northeast of the Atlantic Ocean.

This catshark is relatively small and sluggish, with a slender, cylindrical body. There is not enough information regarding this species’ biology. This species can reach a maximum size of 54 cm TL. Males mature at 47 cm TL and females at 50 cm TL. The reproduction mode is oviparous, but there is no information about litter size and gestation period.

This species is only known from 30 specimens caught off Northeast Atlantic. This deepwater shark is a bathypelagic species occurring at depths of 1,014-1,800 m. it is found on or near the bottom over upper to mid continental and insular slopes. Its distribution range goes from the northern Bay of Biscay and Porcupine Seabight to Lousy Bank.

Based on advice from the International Council for the Exploitation of the Sea to end fishing for deepwater sharks, the European Union Fisheries Council Established a TAC (Total Annual Catch) covering this species in 2007.

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Scientific Name Apristurus aphyodes
OrderGround Sharks - Carcharhiniformes
CitesNot Listed
IUCNLeast Concern
Litter Size Unknown
Common Length 45 cm
Max LenghtNA
Depth Range 1014 - 1800 m
DistributionNortheast Atlantic