Amazing video of Cristina Zenato and her bond with sharks!

Cristina Zenato has dedicated her life to the exploration, education and conservation of sharks. She’s been diving with sharks for the past 25 years. Watch the video to see her connection with sharks — she not only removes hooks from their mouths — but watch as they flock to her for some cuddle time. She shares her knowledge with scientists, filmmakers and other people interested in learning about sharks, the world they live in and how to protect them.

Cristina says, “I am a firm believer in one size does not fit all, so the interaction I conduct with these animals is unique, and I always emphasize that it’s not to be tried with all the sharks anywhere else. This is a special group of animals I visit daily, sometimes several hours per day. A few individuals allow me to pet them and come into my lap of their own decision, nothing is forced, nothing is guaranteed. I have loved sharks since I was a kid and my dream was to be an underwater scuba ranger who had sharks for friends; I remove hooks from them the same way I would remove a thorn from the paw of my dog. It might not save all the sharks in the world but it makes the life of the ones I come in contact with much better, as I have witnessed the damages of hooks into their bodies. It has also inspired people to want to protect sharks beyond just removing hooks, but by changing lifestyle and pushing for better laws around the world.”

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