Steve Backshall on board the Sharkwater

Steve Backshall, Explorer, TV host , filming aboard the Sharkwater. Best known for the Deadly 60, a series designed to get people and kids interested in wildlife, nature and adventure, he’s done episodes on great whites, bull sharks, hammerheads and tiger sharks.
On board the Sharkwater, with Fins Attached he’s talking science to save the sharks.

00:01 My name is Steve Backshall, I’m a biologist and broadcaster
00:05 working for such organizations as BBC, PBS, National Geographic and Discovery.
00:10 But for the last couple weeks it has been my great privilege to be working on this iconic boat,
00:15 ‘The Sharkwater’. With Alex and also scientists like Randall
00:20 who are doing their bit to preserve the future of sharks. And that is far from certain.
00:25 We human beings are taking at least 100 million sharks from the ocean every single year.
00:30 It is a number that simply cannot be sustained. The only solution is science.
00:35 Like what’s going on with these guys here.

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