Watch Eli Roth’s new shark film Fin!

This shark week watch Fin! This documentary by award-winning horror filmmaker Eli Roth and executive-produced by Leonardo DiCaprio is available on Discovery+ starting July 13.

The film delves into the lucrative and corrupt world behind the shark fin trade that is responsible for killing beyond 100,000,000 sharks a year.

Partnering with the world’s top scientists, activists and NGOs, Eli Roth tries to expose the villains behind the mass slaughter of the world’s sharks before they go extinct. He reveals, “This is the most terrifying movie I’ve ever made…without sharks the planet can die.”’

Watch as Roth enters extremely dangerous situations to expose the criminals behind these horrific acts. Catch our friends Peter Hammarstedt and Regi Domingo from Sharkwater, along with Ocean Ramsey, Dr. Neil Hammerschlag and many more in this must-see film.

Click here to watch the official Fin trailer. ~Emily Chavez

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