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Rob Stewart Tribute

Sharkwater – A Tribute to Rob Stewart

We are so deeply grateful to everyone who helped search, and happy that Rob passed while doing what he loved. We are working on how best to honour his incredible work. If you would like to share your memories or messages with the public, please post them using the form below. We are working on a way to share photos as well.
A celebration of life for Rob Stewart

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Rob Stewart accomplished so much in his life, but there’s still more to do. To honour Rob’s memory, the Stewart family is collecting donations in order to continue his conservation work. You can help by visiting A tax receipt will be issued.

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  1. My deepest condolences to Rob’s family.. His work and fight for the better world won’t be forgotten ever.. I never met Rob in person but since the first time I saw the Sharkwater movie I knew who he was…you can speak thousand words, but actions defines us best…I wish Rob’s family strength and true comfort whenever they remember their son and brother..the truth is we loved him so much as friends, colleagues or fans..this kind of love never dies so did not Rob.. he inspired me and made a huge change in my perception of life.. thank you Sharkman… you are always on my mind..

    Marzena Faris, Dublin

    Marzena Faris 10:11 am on February 27, 2017
  2. I just watched sharkwater today and I thought it was the best documentary I have ever watched. Only later did I find out what happened to Rob and it makes me deeply sad. What an amazing man he was and his work will live on and have such an impact. He has really inspired me to try and help save sharks.
    Thank you Rob for all that you have done for this planet, if only more people were like you.

    Roisin 6:08 pm on March 5, 2017
  3. Good day,

    For the past few years we have been trying to get a shark fin importation ban in Canada. For one reason or another this has failed.

    This year Fin Donnelly, MP for Coquitlam B.C. has once again introduced a private members bill that would ban the importation of shark fins. Fin has been a long time advocate for our oceans.

    Private members bills are not often adopted, however, an attempt in 2013 failed second reading by only 5 votes.

    I am petitioning the Government of Canada to adopt Bill C-251 as a Government Bill. For this to be considered I need 500 signatures from Canadian citizens.

    Please share this. A lot of us around the world are working very hard to stop the decimation of the shark population and protect the health of our oceans. Whether you like sharks or not, they are vital to our existence.

    Your help is greatly appreciated.

    The petition can be found here.

    The Bill can be found here.


    Brad Hazledine 1:59 pm on March 7, 2017
  4. I watched the video and was so impressed with the compassion this young man had for sharks. Without warriors like himself the world eventually won’t be what it once was. So sad that he has died at such a young age.

    Marilyn Humphreys 3:17 pm on March 9, 2017
  5. My deepest condolences. I only just found out and am still in shock. He accomplished so much in such high risk endeavors.
    Rob was a good friend.

    Duane Trow 1:06 pm on March 10, 2017
  6. Just watched the movie Sharkwater and so sad hearing about Rob. But I am so glad he got his message out about sharks and I intend to educate as many people as I can to help spread Rob’s message. Thank you Rob for making this very important movie.

    Nadine Doolan 9:44 am on March 11, 2017
  7. Writing on behalf of my 7 year old daughter Zoë: she said, “Rob Stewart is my hero and I will do my part in following his dream to save the sharks.” We are both sorry to learn about this loss to our world and send our love to his family & friends.

    Zoë Williams 1:08 pm on March 11, 2017
  8. My husband and I just watched shark water film. I’m sad to say that we’ve been quite ignorant to a lot of the things shared in the film – It really impacted the both of us and we immediately went on to the web address at the end of the film, to see what we could do to help.We were so very shocked to hear what had happened, especially so young. I hope the passion he put into his work continues on – we certainly will be spreading the word to everyone we know.

    Prachi 5:51 pm on March 12, 2017
  9. FWD:
    It wasn’t until I met my girlfriend that I realized how important sharks truly are in the world. I remember her talking to me about how sharks are her favorite animal and how it was all because of this one movie called “Sharkwater”. In fact, that was one of the very conversations we had, to break the ice when we met for the first time. She (as shy as she is) found the courage to continue on the conversation, all because she felt so passionately and confidently about sharks. All because of this one movie that she can’t ever seem to stop talking about (or watching for that matter). If there were ever a prize for “Watching Sharkwater the most times”, I’m certain Maria would win it hands down. If she had the time, she wouldn’t hesitate to talk about sharks for hours on end. I have grown to appreciate these underwater friends myself (even if I’m absolutely terrified of them) all because of this one movie.

    This all happened because of Rob. You hear of heroes making an impact on many peoples’ lives. But it’s different when you have one of those influenced people as your best friend and you get to see the impact up close. She gets so happy to talk about her favorite type of shark. She gets excited to come home after a long day and watch Sharkwater (again). I even took her to the Orlando aquarium and I’m sure she cried before we even walked in. Not only has Rob brought to life the conservation of sharks, but also conservation of the ocean; the animals; the environment. For one person to ignite this whole movement is truly incredible and because of that, Rob Stewart was and will always remain her one and only true hero.

    It’s now Valentine’s Day and I was hoping to show my support to the team, the sharks, and my girlfriend with a kick starter donation. Seeing as though I’m a bit late in the game, I was hoping to make a late/personal donation for the signed Sharkwater DVD, or the limited edition photos Rob was providing for the pledges. It’s unfortunate that I hadn’t learned about the importance of sharks earlier. I would’ve been on board making conscience efforts to help these lovely creatures a lot sooner.

    With that, I’m hoping this gift would help brighten Maria’s day a bit. Like everyone in the team, Maria has been devastated since Rob went missing and even more so when she found out the more disheartening news. She’s been so miserable and I can only imagine what she must be feeling having lost her #1 hero. Seeing how remarkable he was and how many lives he’s changed really got me to appreciate him (even though I’m new to Sharkwater), and I’m also sad about his passing. I offer my condolences.

    I also understand this is an incredibly tough time for everyone and this email might come as a bit of an inconvenience, but if there is any way I could still make a contribution towards those packages, I would surely appreciate the opportunity. The entire team is nothing but a bunch of remarkable human beings and even a response would be highly regarded. Thank you for existing. For the sharks, for the ocean, for the earth. And thank you because your presence makes one of the most important people in my life, happy. Thank you for all that you do!

    Hope to speak to someone soon,


    Meech 5:57 pm on March 12, 2017
  10. I’m Dominic, an 18yr. Who just finished highschool. I just finished watching Sharkwater, I just stumbled upon it. I’ve always been passionate about the Ocean and I plan on going to college for Marine Biology as Sharks are my favorite animal. After watching the documentary I was moved and even more determined to go to college for what I wanted to do. I planned on sending a letter to Rob, but soon found out he was no longer with us and was among the fish now. I am very terribly sorry, and I cried…for a man I never knew and only found out about a few hours ago, that’s how big of an impact he left on me and many others. I’m sorry to his friends and family, and I’m going in tribute to pursue studying sharks and saving sharks with more passion and meaning now. Thank you Rob, you really have made a diffrence ♡

    Dominic Hiney 12:46 am on March 14, 2017
  11. Hello,
    My name is Joshua, I just finished watching shark water and it’s currently 2352 in Australia. I finished watching this documentary and I’m not going to to lie, I was appalled at my lack of knowledge of the ocean and the mistreatment of such a beautiful creature , I’ve surfed for
    A total of 7 years now and I’ve always been terrified of sharks, after watching this documentary (at my partners direction) I feel ashamed to have been so terrified of such a beautiful creature. I immediately donated to the donation and booked a diving trip with my local town so I could get closer to these creatures.
    I was hopping I could leave a comment and by some miracle rob him self mite see it and know that there are people who are willing to face their fears and get into the water with sharks, and knowing that he influenced them. I was deeply saddened to learn that he had passed away, my ignorance on all of this has left me feeling appalled in myself for not getting onto this matter early 🙁
    Thanks for all the great work you guys are doing on the site, I just wanted to let you guys know, even if I’m only one person, you’ve changed my perspective of this misunderstood creature.

    Kind regards,

    Joshua Lee 10:02 am on March 21, 2017
  12. I just watched Rob’s documentary and it brought me to tears. What a beautiful soul. I was so inspired and moved by him and his genuine love for sharks. I have always greatly admired these majestic creatures and it breaks my heart to see people treating them this way. A huge thank you to Rob and his team for bringing awareness and helping to put an end to the barbaric slaughter. His life ended much too soon and the world lost a truly incredible person. In honor of him and these majestic creatures of the deep I will help share his message. Thank you!

    Anne McEnroe 2:50 am on March 24, 2017
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