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Orectolobiformes, also known as carpet sharks, are a diverse of sharks characterized for having two dorsal fins, five gill slits, and relatively short mouths. Several species have barbels and some have intricate carpet-like patterns, which give this order its nickname. Orectolobiformes range in size from just over 30 cm, like some species of @carpet shark, to the whale shark, the largest fish in the ocean, which can be up to 14 m long.

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White-spotted Bamboo Shark

White-spotted Bamboo Shark

Family: Hemiscylliidae | Genus: Chiloscyllium | Species: Chiloscyllium plagiosum | CITES: Not Listed | IUCN: Near Threatened

Intro: The Whitespotted bambooshark is a tropical reef-associated shark that is native to the Indo-West Pacific and found in India, Maldives, Papua New Guinea, Japan and Indonesia. This species is in the same family as the Carpet and Bamboo shark… read more.

Zebra Shark

Zebra Shark

Family: Stegostomatidae | Genus: Stegostoma | CITES: Not Listed | IUCN: Endangered

Zebra Sharks prefer warm temperate waters and can be found on sand, rocky or coral reefs in 26°C – 29°C waters. They rest on the bottom at about 63 m below and will swim near the surface of the water… read more.

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